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Brandy Stark

Brandy Stark


Brandy Stark

    Brandy Stark has had an interest in the paranormal world of ghosts since childhood.  During her college, graduate, and post-graduate studies she has compiled and presented multiple papers on the role of ghosts in western religions dating from the Mesopotamian Epic of Gilgamesh through to modern times.  She continues to research the role of ghosts in popular culture as expressed through modern humanities.  Currently, she is a PhD candidate working on her doctoral dissertation for Barry University.

    Ms. Stark has researched haunted phenomena in the greater Tampa Bay area for the past 12 years.  In 2000, she co-founded a group of other paranormal enthusiasts, the SPIRITS of St. Petersburg, who continue to research reports of haunted phenomena.  Recently, the group has expanded its interest into studying, researching, and proving or disproving local ghostly urban legends, compiling historic data on Native American areas, and creating lists of cemeteries alleged to be haunted.

    Ms. Stark has been interviewed by the media, and was the featured guest on the nationally broadcast Coast to Coast in 2005.  She is a regular guest on “Entertainment and the Arts” on WTAN 1340.  Her paranormal websites have also won multiple awards.

    In addition to her interest in the paranormal, Ms. Stark teaches classes in both religions and the humanities at several local colleges and universities.  She is also an artist whose award winning hand-wrapped wire metal and found object statues have been shown internationally.

    Call for stories:
    I am always looking for stories for the Paranormal Pugs Page.  These stories can feature pugs encountering ghosts or pugs as ghosts, or other venues of pugs acting paranormally.

    I am preparing to start a new page featuring small animals and the paranormal.  As a proud care taker of 6 adorable rats, I find them to have a high level of self awareness. As such, I am interested in starting a small animal Paranormal Page featuring rats, hamsters, mice, and other rodents, guinea pigs, sugar gliders, etc., either as ghosts, encounting ghosts, or in other paranormal situations.

    To submit stories, please contact me at the following email address:

    Please put "Paranormal Pet Story" in the subject line to make sure that I see it!  I always respond to email posts so if I don't answer you, it likely means that I did not receive it.  Please send again. 



Ghosts: http://starkimages.homestead.com/ghostlyimages.html
Ghosts: http://www.spiritsofstpetersburg.com/
Brandy's Art: http://starkimages.homestead.com/Main.html
Brandy's Art: http://metalpug.deviantart.com/

Pug Rescue Organization of Florida:http://www.pugrescueofflorida.org/AllAboutPugs.htm






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