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Susan Daffron, host of Take Me Home

Susan Daffron
Founder, National Association
of Pet Rescue Professionals

Dilly - Former Harness Racer Ready for New Off-track Home

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Susan Daffron talks to Jen Nagle from the Standardbred Retirement Foundation about Dilly, a 9 year old Standardbred gelding available for adoption in Hamilton, New Jersey. "Another Creation N "Dillion" aka "Dilly" had a career at the harness racing track, but is happy to be a riding horse now. He is a 15.2hh dark bay horse with an easygoing personality. Many people don't realize what a versatile breed of horse Standardbreds are; they can do a lot more than just pull a cart. Because they are an easy-to-handle, people-loving type of horse, Standardbreds can be taught to do mounted police work, jumping, barrel racing, dressage or therapeutic riding work. Jen says that Dilly is lovely mover with a nice trot and canter.

Because he bends well, he could be a great dressage horse with the right person. Jen points out that adopting a former racer has advantages in that these horses have already dealt with crowds and a lot of noise from being at a track. There isn't much they haven't already seen; they're used to grooming, bathing, farrier care, shipping, and not one, but two bits! These horses already have been taught basic manners and they come off the track already knowing how to start, stop, and steer. Because they are such an intelligent breed, the transition into life as a riding horse is usually an easy one. Like many of the other retired racers at the Standardbred Retirement Foundation, Dilly is an all-around great horse who can easily be trained to take you wherever you decide to go, whether it's the trail or the dressage show ring.

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