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Susan Daffron, host of Take Me Home

Susan Daffron
Founder, National Association
of Pet Rescue Professionals

Cheerio - A Happy Dog
Everybody Loves to Be Around

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Susan Daffron talks to Joyce Hutchinson from the Safe Haven Animal Sanctuary in Ohio about a dog named Cheerio. This sweet yellow Lab mix was found abandoned and starving on the streets of Cincinnati. Although Cheerio was in bad shape, he still trusted people enough to earn his name, since he was lured into a car by his rescuer with Cheerios. When he came to Safe Haven, Cheerio's ribs were sticking out because he had been starved for so long. He also had cigarette burns on his legs and his ears were infected and eaten by flies.

All of the hair on his ears was completely gone so they were red and raw. As you can see in the photo, Cheerio has made a complete recovery. It looks like all of the hair on his ears will return, he's gained weight, and he's really looking great now. Cheerio is a loving dog who enjoys playing with other dogs. Although he hasn't had any formal training yet, he is very people-oriented and loves to please. Because Safe Haven's foster homes are all full, he has been staying at a vet clinic across the street from Safe Haven's thrift store. People at the doggie day care who see him daily comment on Cheerio's happy, friendly personality. If you're looking for an all-around nice dog to share your home, Cheerio might be the dog for you.

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