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Susan Daffron, host of Take Me Home

Susan Daffron
Founder, National Association
of Pet Rescue Professionals

Max - A Big Love of a Dog

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Susan Daffron talks to Candice Kingrey from Greenhill Humane Society SPCA in Eugene, Oregon about a six-year old dog named Max who is available for adoption. Max had a great home for the first years of his life, but unfortunately his owner passed away. His owner's relatives couldn't keep Max, so he ended up at the Greenhill Humane Society. Max is a mix of Akita and Rottweiler, so he's a big guy who weighs in at about 99 pounds. Although he's definitely a large dog, Max is a serious "love bug" who is extremely affectionate. Max enjoys his walks, but because he's not a youngster anymore, he is past the "nutty" high-energy stage and is perfectly content spending some quality time in front of the fire resting too.

Max was in a car accident in his youth so he only has partial vision in one of his eyes. It also means that his eyes are two different colors; he has one brown eye and one bluish one. Max doesn't know or care that anything is different about him, and actually still loves going for car rides. Although Max is good with kids and other dogs, he probably should not go to a house with cats. To adopt Max, all of the human and canine members of his potential new family will need to come to the shelter to meet him before Max can go to a new home. Since Max seems to love pretty much everyone, it should be a fun visit!

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