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Susan Daffron, host of Take Me Home

Susan Daffron
Founder, National Association
of Pet Rescue Professionals

Spanky - A Dog Who Needs a Third Chance

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Susan Daffron talks to Mike Rueb, the Trainer and Enrichment Coordinator at Bideawee in New York about a dog named Spanky. Bideawee (pronounced Bye-Dah-Wee) is Scottish for "Stay Awhile." Founded in 1903, Bideawee is one of the oldest animal welfare organizations in the country. Spanky is a Rhodesian Ridgeback/German Shepherd mix who originally was adopted from Bideawee years ago. Bideawee works with the Town of Hempstead shelter, where Spanky was dropped off by his previous owners, so this is actually the second time Spanky has been rescued by Bideawee.

Spanky has had a bit of upheaval in his life lately, but he's readjusting and is ready to go to a new home of his own. At about 5 years old, Spanky is in the prime of his life. He's got a sweet personality and an adorable slightly crooked smile. Because he is a good-sized athletic dog, he would do best in a home where his owner is willing to take him out for walks. Because he's well beyond puppyhood and adolescence, after exercising he's perfectly content to curl up at your feet and snooze. Spanky is just a great all-around dog, who deserves a second (or even third!) chance.

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