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Susan Daffron, host of Take Me Home

Susan Daffron
Founder, National Association
of Pet Rescue Professionals

Zada - A Fantastic Dog (with Her Own Fan Club)

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Susan Daffron talks to Katie Woolsey, the Public Relations Coordinator at the Escondido Humane Society in California about a dog named Zada who is available for adoption. According to Katie, if you were to ask the volunteers at the Escondido Humane Society who their favorite dogs are, Zada's name would be at the top the list. Zada is a 3 year old boxer mix with a pretty dark brindle coat and white markings. She has a fun-loving playful spirit, but also is a star at the volunteer dog training class.

In fact, Zada has a special trainer who is preparing her to take the AKC Canine Good Citizen test and everyone is sure she'll get her CGC soon. Zada walks nicely on a leash, knows sit, down, and leave it. She even will "stay" at the end of a long line and knows how to come when called reliably. Zada can be a little shy and sometimes worries when new things startle her, but her training is helping her to become confident and more outgoing. Once Zada knows you, she is an affectionate and loyal companion who will be a fantastic addition to any family.

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