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Susan Daffron, host of Take Me Home

Susan Daffron
Founder, National Association
of Pet Rescue Professionals

Turner - This Beautiful Chocolate Lab / Vizsla Mix Loves to Run and Swim

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Susan Daffron talks to Mike Deathe from the Humane Society of Greater Kansas City about a dog named Turner who is available for adoption. Turner is a 2-year old sleek, beautiful Vizsla/Chocolate Lab mix with an expressive face and pretty light brown eyes. Mike is a trainer who has been working with Turner and other dogs at the humane society. He has taught Turner a lot of the basic commands like "sit" and "down" and some retrieval commands like "drop it." Turner has a lot of energy and loves to play, but he's eager to learn and Mike points out that after just 15 minutes of training work, Turner is like a different dog. Ideally, he'd do best in a home with an active human who likes to hike, run, or swim.

Mike says Turner could even be a great "dock dog" (i.e. a dog that competes in running and jumping off a dock into a pool). Because Turner is such a high-energy dog, sometimes he lacks canine "social skills" so although he gets along with most dogs, he doesn't get along with all dogs. If you already have a dog, the folks at the humane society can set up a "meet and greet" time for you to bring your dog to meet Turner and make sure the two dogs get along. All you fitness nuts out there: if you're looking for a great jogging buddy, consider checking out Turner. He's been at the shelter for quite a while now and is hoping his new best friend will walk through the door soon.

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