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Pet Life Radio is the largest and #1 pet radio network on the planet!

Pet Life Radio features over 75 pet-related talk shows hosted by the most well-known pet experts, authors and radio and TV personalities in the world of animals and pets! All Pet Life Radio shows are available free, and can be downloaded or streamed live from the PetLifeRadio.com website, or subscribed to in iTunes, Google Play, mobile apps, and other major podcast platforms.

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The Pet Life Radio Worldwide Live Radio Stream is broadcast globally 24/7 on the PetLifeRadio.com home page as well as to smart phones, mobile devices and cars!

Pet Life Radio is the only 24/7 pet radio network on the iHeartRadio Digital Platform. What does this mean? It means that ALL of our programming lineup is broadcasting worldwide on one of the world's largest distribution channels that exists today! iHeartRadio has over 100 million subscribers and over 300 million downloads. We're also on TuneIn Radio, Stitcher Radio, Aha Radio, iTunes Radio, Agogo, ooTunes, Streema and more!

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Dear Liz, I came across your podcast only recently (I live in Australia and I can't find any Aussie podcasts).  I'm hooked.  You girls are great.  It is terrific listening to friends talking about something they love. 


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Dr Jeff, just wanted to say that I enjoy listening to your program on Pet Life Radio.  Best Regards from Melbourne! 

—Zan M.

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Hi Dr. Jeff- Thank you so much for your suggestions. My 12 year old Westie-Poo, Flower, did indeed have a urinary tract infection and is now on antibiotics to clear that up. She is back to her old self! Thank you again Dr. Jeff!!!

— Sarah K.

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Hello Liz and gals, Firstly I absolutely love your podcast and have been trying to catch up since I got turned on to it a few months ago. I just listened to FAQs part two and my ears instantly perked up at the mention of mailmen and dogs. Anyways thank you for your spectacular podcast!

— Kip H.

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Hi Bob, I live in Sydney Australia and wanted to let you and Linda know that I love your podcasts and enjoy hearing all about your lives with your pets! You can rest assured that I will be downloading and listening to each of your new podcasts as they appear on itunes. Thanks again for your the effort that you and Linda put into the podcasts, I enjoy them all.

— Karen R.

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Hi Marcie! We spoke a few weeks ago when I called to thank you for your podcast. So, Marcie, please accept another big dose of gratitude. I especially love hearing about Ramona, Morgan and Whistle. I’ve talked to many people about their transition from one guide or service dog to another, but your observations of how Ramona and Morgan handled it are incredible (heartwarming and heartbreaking).

— Lori R.

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