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Deborah Wolfe
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Melanie Coronetz, Author of ‘In the Shadow of Mercury: A Memoir of Mid-Life and Dogs’

Melanie Coronetz..........

Melanie Coronetz

7-year-old autistic, James Deloney is found after 48 hrs in sub zero weather with no coat; The dog came home and when rescuers followed his reverse tracks they found this lost boy with no language.  GOOD DOG!  All the volunteer searchers and all the police men, couldn’t bring him back like the family dog can! Now there is a nursery rhyme that ought to be told.

How many rat descendents will come from one mama rat in a year?  Deborah explains how Rottweilers are like Rhinos.   Author Melanie Coronetz joins the party to talk about her book ‘In the Shadow of Mercury: A memoir of mid-life and dogs’ which delights New Yorkers with a real sense of place.  Melanie explains how she fell into dog owning and competing and schipperke paws plus she talks about the terrible loss of her first Mercury and the brutal attack and slaughter of her next two schipperkes  on leash at her feet in Central park. is a beautiful site for a poem about heaven where animals and animal lovers meet again in good health and both Deborah and Melanie recommend it for anyone suffering with pet loss. Melanie explains how she needs to have dogs as she gets older and how she got on with loving new dogs once hers were gone so suddenly. Is there a dog that is supposed to have a ‘J.Lo’ bum?  Tune in and find out.

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