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Animal Party on Pet Life RadioDeborah Wolfe, host of Animal Party on Pet Life Radio

Deborah Wolfe
Animal Expert and Trainer
Bestselling Author, Columnist
Award Winning Radio and T.V. Host

Say Goodbye To Pet Allergies

Laura Lea Cook on Pet Life Radio

Deborah reports on a treatment that is both new and old and gets rid of allergies in people and pets.  About four treatments is all it takes to handle most allergies and for severe peanut allergies there is a 100% guarantee.  Did you know that recently Canada changed its regulations so now all Canadian flights must have animals in cargo?  Why? Because 1 in 10 passengers surveyed complained of severe pet allergies when confined on planes.   Deborah tells you some things you can do to help the allergy sufferers in your family when they visit your pet filled home.  Laura Cook from Zero Allergies joins the party with her expertise and she’s brought with her samples of every thing that allergy sufferers avoid from pollen to wheat to cat hair and vacuum lint.  It is March right now- cherry tree season- on the west coast and for the first time ever Deborah is doing radio with no allergy meds thanks to these treatments.  Plus Deborah is finally winning her long battle with cat allergies and the cats are sleeping wherever they choose not exiled from the bedroom.  Laura describes the science behind the treatments and Deborah tells you what it is like as a patient.  This treatment involves no needles and you can keep taking meds if you need them so there is no risk to giving it a try.  Laura also treats diabetics to help them need less insulin, patients suffering from MS, arthritis and every kind of digestive or allergic problem.

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