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Animal Party on Pet Life RadioDeborah Wolfe, host of Animal Party on Pet Life Radio

Deborah Wolfe
Animal Expert and Trainer
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Assistance Dogs for the Blind and Kids with Autism

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The party gets started with a party joke as Deborah reads a funny paragraph about dog poop from the book, ‘A Year in Merde’ by Stephen Clarke.  A whole lot of goldens, labs and mixes of the two are coming to the party and they are all so well behaved walking on their harnesses and laying down politely without raiding the buffet; these aren’t the rude Labs and Goldens we often see counter-surfing and begging – they must be well trained ever so polite Guide Dogs.  Barry Dunner explains what its like to walk the blindfold walk with only a seeing eye dog for eyes.  And Deborah asks what exactly Autism support dogs do for the kids they serve.    

Did you know the dog stops the child from rocking and helps in ways besides keeping the child from running away?   Barry brings touching stories about the impact of the dogs he’s seen trained to serve.  It costs $35,000 to train a Seeing Eye dog and the blind person pays nothing, but there is a wait list and demand is high.  Barry and Deborah discuss the training, placement and the effect of getting a dog placed; it’s a ripple and everyone wins!  You can find out more about Guide Dogs at

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