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Animal Party on Pet Life RadioDeborah Wolfe, host of Animal Party on Pet Life Radio

Deborah Wolfe
Animal Expert and Trainer
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Telepathy With Animals is Not Just For Psychics!

Tim Link

Tim Link

Tim Link joins the party to talk about animals and how they think and communicate with thoughts.  He can read your pets.  Deborah asks him if they think in words or pictures or something else and he explains.  Plus Tim does some readings for pet life radio listeners who emailed photos and questions.  Why does one cat bully another?  Can Tim help teach some cats to wait to be called before jumping up on their owner’s claws out?  Tim does a special reading for Deborah and connects with Squeak the blue heeler who died June 2009.  Find out what Tim receives from pets that are no longer alive.      

Tim also shares lighter readings including a message from Thump who wants his owners to know that yogurt is okay but Thump wants meat and actually any scraps of any kind; He loves the variety and the surprise.  Tim explains how all of us can send picture messages to our animals when we want to give them commands or make requests.  At first Deborah was somewhat sceptical but since the show was made she has enjoyed amazing results from coupling commands and wishes with visual messages sent on purpose; the cats come quicker and are more polite.  Sadie isn’t picking on Peekaboo much anymore and has become relaxed with all the other cats since Tim sent her a message.   Check out this party and you’ll learn how to send messages to your pets. It is very easy and you’ll see results immediately.

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