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Animal Party on Pet Life RadioDeborah Wolfe, host of Animal Party on Pet Life Radio

Deborah Wolfe
Animal Expert and Trainer
Bestselling Author, Columnist
Award Winning Radio and T.V. Host and Cat Fancy

Joan Miller on Pet Life Radio

Joan Miller

Have you ever wondered if all cats are born with blue eyes? Or How hot does it get in a closed car on a summer day and how fast does it heat up? These answers plus a recipe for home made weed killer and homemade flea spray are at this party with Deborah Wolfe and her guest, Joan Miller Vice President of the Cat Fanciers’ Association & All breed Judge, joins Deborah to talk about a website made for lovers of every type of cat from pet pedigreed to feral and all the many ‘cat-next-door’ types.  For the first time ever the website is designed to represent and work for those who love pedigreed, feral and random cats and it offers a huge medical database to help cat owners figure out what to ask their own Vets when their cats are sick.  There are games and quizzes for kids and grownups, information, stories, photos and the future is wherever you want it to go with this site which will be growing and evolving to meet the needs of those who post.      

† Deborah asks Joan to contrast cats to dogs a few times during the show comparing the distance between the pets we have know and their wild ancestors in both species.  What you see is often what you get when it comes to mutts but with cats you really can’t judge a mixed cat by its cover.  Deborah offers up some of her own experience with cats gone feral and cats doing tricks.  Did you know that cats do agility (obstacle style) courses like horses, dogs and humans?  No leash, no food; just something fun to chase and the cat dives through tunnels, clears hurdles and jumps for the love of racing.  Check it out at and have some fun in the catnip section while you are there.  Maybe you think you know a lot about cats; test yourself with the quiz that will challenge you- this show will inform you.

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