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Animal Party on Pet Life RadioDeborah Wolfe, host of Animal Party on Pet Life Radio

Deborah Wolfe
Animal Expert and Trainer
Bestselling Author, Columnist
Award Winning Radio and T.V. Host

Deborah’s Holiday Party with
Safety Tips and Expert Shopping Tips

Stacy Mantle on Pet Life Radio

Stacy Mantle

Guest Stacy Mantle, editor of joins Deborah to tell us what’s hot, new and different on her list of best pet gifts for this year.   From the sheet that lets you sleep extra pets on your bed to the heated plug in pet beds, she’s got stuff you’ve never heard about and pet bling too.   Do most people spend more on their pet presents or their in-laws at this time of year?  Tune in and find out the answers to some holiday pet trivia. . Get Deborah’s safety tips to keep your pets healthy and happy through the holidays plus hear Deborah read some zingers from the Pet House Rules plaques customized for every breed with your own dog’s photo and the rules your dog presides over in your home.

Want to give back then get the planet dog ball that costs less than $10. and every cent goes to helping dogs get trained to work for deserving people.  These balls glow in the dark and taste like mint giving your dog minty breadth; I bet your dog’s breadth doesn’t smell minty right now! For any of the other great products reviewed on this show, check out for all things pet

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