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Deborah Wolfe
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Noah's Wish

Charlie Crosby on Pet Life Radio

Charlie Crosby

A stinky cat saves a family from fire and Deborah tells you the story plus what is a salty dog?  Bring one along to this party with Charlie Crosby, pet disaster relief coordinator.  Noahs’ Wish has only one mission and that’s to help pets during disasters.  They go where people are fleeing and rescue pets from situations like Hurricane Katrina, The Okanagan Fires, and more.  In fact they are always looking for new rescuers so if you are good with animals and adventurous, sign up for ther 2011 courses and get the skills you need to actually go where the disaster hit and save the animals instead of just watching it play out on TV.  Charlie explains how Noah’s wish works to keep animals safe from disasters all over America and Canada and tells about her own experiences in the flood and fires. to see photos of dogs rescued at Katrina, information on the upcoming courses and what you need to know to keep your own animals safe when you obey an evacuation order.   

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