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Animal Party on Pet Life RadioDeborah Wolfe, host of Animal Party on Pet Life Radio

Deborah Wolfe
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Allie Phillips on Pet Life Radio

Allie Phillips

Author and Legal Activist, Allie Phillips, joins us from her work in the Nation’s capital changing the world to make it safer for kids and animals.  Allie wants you to know about pound seizure; the practice of selling animals lost, found and rescued into lab research programs and how you can make it stop.   Her new book will enable you to become an activist for animals in every day ways like looking for the leaping bunny on products you buy and online by supporting efforts under way and in person too.  In fact she even explains how you can train your own pet to provide therapy.  Allie left a career as a lawyer often working with abused kids to set up programs for kids in the system to get the benefit of therapy animals present during their intake, examinations and interviews. 

Noticing that abused families often stayed with abusers because of vulnerable pets, she created a program for integrating the family pet into family shelter programs.   Allie tells us all about these great projects now underway and expanding to new areas all the time plus she tells you what she thinks of Michael Vick, a prominent dog abuser/killer and glorified football player.  Deborah helps Allie get her message out by relating similar experiences in pet rescue and pound seizure in Canada.  Together they explore these difficult topics so that you can see how things are improving and in easy ways join the efforts to make life better for kids and animals.   Did you know that a man got sentenced 2 years for killing a goldfish.  It makes sense to Deborah and Allie and they’ll tell you why.

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