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Animal Party on Pet Life RadioDeborah Wolfe, host of Animal Party on Pet Life Radio

Deborah Wolfe
Animal Expert and Trainer
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The Association for the Protection of
Fur-Bearing Animals

Adrian Nelson on Pet Life Radio

Adrian Nelson

Fur-Bearer Defenders Spokesperson, Adrian Nelson talks to us about cats and dogs ending up killed so they can line our coats and boots. What you can do to make sure you don’t accidentally buy dog and cat fur in your clothes and linings.  Find out the SPCA sent an ex homicide investigator to follow the imported fur and trace it back to its source.  The footage of these dog and cat farms was clandestinely made and you can now see it at the fur-bearer defender website.  Think it isn’t true? Well even the officials have admitted to the BBC that cat and dog fur is traded and sold and farmed in some countries for export to North America.  Find out the full story plus how certain animals like beavers and coyotes are considered pests and then trapped horribly by cities and towns. 

Is there a kind way to trap an animal asks Deborah, and what about the Native Right to hunt and trap; how does that factor into the argument.  Adrian explains how cats and dogs are coming in as unlabelled fur so that the Canadian border will remain open for the export of baby seal fur.  Find out more so you can win any argument on this topic.  Deborah also reports on the feedback she’s getting to her animaldeb twitter question; do you use your cell phone/text while out with your dog?  An animal party listener complained and the question got posted and so far we’ve got a lot of people who are very angry with dog walkers who pay more attention to their phones than their pets or kids.  Special outrage goes to those who walk through traffic using phones while dogs rush out ahead on flexi’s. “ Let me know what you think! to subscribe to the Wolfe pack and get shows, blogs, news and pet fun for free.  Come see puppies just moments after being born; Read the blog about the momma dog who wanted to keep on fetching despite puppies being born.”

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