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Fostering Felines

‘How many sniffer dogs did it take to keep the royal couple safe at their wedding last week?’  Today’s show is all about rescue and the gratitude you get from rescued pets.  Susan Kars joins us to talk about her work fostering cats for Vokra.  Teaching a cat to trust and then giving it up can be tough she explains, but she finds fostering cats very rewarding and she keeps on doing it.  She describes how volunteers are placed first with very easy to handle cats, ex-pets and that the job of fostering is relatively easy but hugely rewarding.  Her latest cat in residence can be seen on the Vokra website at along with many others who need homes.

Fostering helps by keeping cats (and dogs) out of cages until they can find forever homes.  It also allows the foster moms and dads to give to a cat and bond with a cat and do good work while not incurring the costs of cat ownership.  For adopting homes, it allows them to truly get to know and see the cat or dog that is in foster care before they bring it home and they continue to receive support and advice as needed once the foster pet is home with them.  Got pet questions or guest interview suggestions?  Please contact me through where you’ll find wildlife and pet photos, pet blogs, my favorite animal video clips and great pet radio. You can also find me on Facebook at Deborah Wolfe, Pet Expert.

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