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Deborah Wolfe
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Brainy Breeds – The Intelligence Of Dogs Part 2

Dr. Stanley Coren ..........

Dr. Stanley Coren

Want to listen in while two dog experts visit and exchange ideas in depth? This is your chance to hear Dr. Stanley Coren, UBC Psychology Professor & Bestselling Author, interpret his book, ‘ The Intelligence of Dogs’ helping you understand what this means for training your own dog or for selecting the right type of dog in the future.  Deborah Wolfe, and Dr.Coren  share some historical  dog stories and facts   from his book including the solution to the trivia question about the Victorian doggie record holder for most rats killed in half an hour.  Was it  20? 50? 100? 200? How many rats do you think ‘Tiny’ killed in 30 minutes? And what kind of dog was she?  Plus Deborah asks the Professor for his opinion on several hot button  timely news topics including; the Supreme Court Decision to ignore the appeal on the ban on pit bulls, (half pit bulls, and pit bull-like dogs) in Ontario.  Dr. Coren gives his opinion on the recent controversy over unethical breeding to extremes in the UK and more including whether or not your dog should be a vegetarian.  Educate yourself and listen to this show (NO tuition fee required!).

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