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Animal Party on Pet Life RadioDeborah Wolfe, host of Animal Party on Pet Life Radio

Deborah Wolfe
Animal Expert and Trainer
Bestselling Author, Columnist
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The Toy Dog and His World View

Darlene Arden..........

Darlene Arden

Dogs do make us happy!  Deborah brings you the results of a Japanese Scientific study that noted oxytocin caused by the love of dogs.  Deborah’s Inbox pick of the week is for tips on pets that are so valuable including today’s July 4, picnic, barbecue, summer party advice about fireworks and more.  What is the most  treatable, curable chronic pet disease? Listen till the end of the episode and find out.   Deborah begins by telling you what toy dogs and Captain Kirk have in common then the party guest arrives and it is Darlene Arden, author of ‘Small Dogs, Big Hearts’ & ‘Petiquette: Rover Get off her leg! 

She  Joins Deborah to talk about small dogs, their bodies, personalities, special needs and gifts.  The toy dog world view is so different from a big dog’s, a person’s or even a cat’s.  Every toy breed is outlined with a health problem list that gives you the tools to watch for what’s dangerous in your dogs.   The breed descriptions are very unflattering as she gives you the real truth about each breed so you are sure to make the correct decision for your next family pet based on how they actually act, not just the dog’s looks. Listen to Darlene explain the world of the toy dog from Affenpinschers to Shih Tzus (actually she goes from A to X with the Xoloitzcuintli at the end of the book but only she and  other die hard toy dog fans can pronounce that one!)

‘….and your little dog too’ said the wicked witch of the west in the Wizard of Oz
But haven’t we all thought that about some rude, noisy, barking, little dog at some point in our lives when the darn thing just wouldn’t shut up or move along or settle down? Darlene Arden, author of ‘Small Dogs, Big Hearts’ talks about training toy dogs to piddle outside, greet without piddling, and gives a how-to tip on how to train any size dog to target stick touch with its nose allowing much less back bending for any future training.

Are toy dogs misunderstood?  Why do they shiver, freak out and act so nervous and afraid? What can we do about little dogs attacking big ones?  Deborah asks Darlene what she thinks about flexi leashes, puppies with kids, and finding a good breeder or adopting toy dogs at an older age through rescue.  Small dogs age differently and learn trust and calmness before 12 weeks at the breeder making your choice of breeder extremely important as they much teach the dog ‘to expect the unexpected’ explains Darlene Arden.  The Animal Inbox is showing  and boy do they have a blast!

The WCFO is the place to go for dancing duos of human and dog enjoying themselves in competitions.  You can get involved in your area at any age, and with any fitness level or disability.  Deborah puts some tough questions to Darlene about the ethics of breeding and some recent issues which came up in England regarding a very sick and still winning at shows and breeding king Charles Cavalier spaniel and a former winning Pekingese who competed and won best of show after surgery to correct a soft palate blockage problem. Darlene doesn’t shy away from dog controversy and deals head on with bad breeders and good breeders and gives you advice on finding a good breeder when you need one.  Deborah tells you about the most treatable curable chronic pet disease and gives hope to those whose pets will get that diagnosis by telling a few stories of pets not only enduring but thriving during treatment and after.

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