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Animal Party on Pet Life RadioDeborah Wolfe, host of Animal Party on Pet Life Radio

Deborah Wolfe
Animal Expert and Trainer
Bestselling Author, Columnist
Award Winning Radio and T.V. Host

Halloween Party!
Pet Ghosts Welcome!

Dusty Rainbolt, host of Paranormal Pets on Pet Life Radio!..........

Dusty Rainbolt

Deborah Wolfe parties with Dusty Rainbolt, Author of ‘GHOST CATS’ & ‘Cat Wrangling Made Easy’.  First we answer an email from a frustrated pet owner who has a ‘Dennis the Menace’ cat named Lex who jumps up on the keepsake counter and knocks off plants and pictures to get some play action every night.  Dusty gives many solutions to this cat prankster including some fun and easy tricks.   Then Deborah & Dusty take a walk on the paranormal side and share their own cat ghost and dog ghost stories plus some from the book, ‘Ghost Cats’.

Do you wish your pets would come back to you as ghosts? Or maybe you’d like to visit a library, or check into a hotel where guests often see cat ghosts?  Maybe you think you have seen one but you’re not sure.  Dusty’s collections of true Cat Ghost stories help us understand what to look for, smell for and listen for when seeking out pet ghosts.  Plus Deborah and Dusty give you quick tips to keep your pets safe this Halloween. 

Future Show:  Send in photos of pets you would like ‘read’ by Tim Link, author of ‘Wagging Tales’ who reads pets thoughts and feelings and tells their stories.  The photo must be well lit with both the pet’s eyes shown well for it to be chosen.  Please send to with the subject heading PET READING.

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