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Therapeutic Riding - How it Works

Sharolyn Wandzura   on Pet Life Radio..........

Sharolyn Wandzura ..................... ...

Deborah  Wolfe interviewed Sharolyn Wandzura from the North Fraser Therapeutic Riding Association about therapy work they do with riders and horses.  You can find out more about the type of horses, the volunteer program or the riders at their website.  Deborah asked Sharolyn why a gigantic 1,000 lb horse would be terrified of a plastic bag.  Later in the show Sharolyn explains how the horses are selected, trained, and how the program works for those who may need wheelchair access or may have behavioral traits that would frighten most horses.

Check out therapeutic riding online to find a facility in your area.  Although riding horses can be very expensive, and the students in this program would likely not be welcome nor safe at places not set up for them, at North Fraser Therapeutic Riding everyone can afford a lesson with a calm empathic horse and volunteer helpers.  Students need a doctor's prescription for animal therapy to participate and an adult to stay and help; the rest of the magic happens once you get there.

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My journey to becoming a Life and Wellness Coach began with my love of horses and the exploration of Equine Guided Development. I was fortunate enough to receive my first Paint pony at the age of 4. My father continued to bring home 6 month old horses that I would sit and groom in the pastures until they were ready to let me ride them. After I finished university I moved to the west coast and for many years I did not have a horse. I couldn’t seem to find my home at the lesson barns or stables that I came across. Gratefully this searching began to make a shift in the late 90s when I decided to take a Equine horse psychology course at a local collage in British Columbia. It was during this course that I connected with an amazing instructor – Catalina De La Custa and knew there was “more to connecting with horses”. It was around the same time that authors began to share their stories of the horse-human connection, the most famous book at the time “Tao of Equus” by Linda Kohanov. As Equine Assisted Psychotherapy and Equine Guided Learning became well known in the educational and therapeutic worlds, programs were also being developed for personal development and expanding human potential. Wanting to jump in with both feet I studied Equine Guided Development at Chiron’s Way with Sandra Wallin and became inspired and empowered to make my dreams a reality. My passion for research into horse behavior continues as I continue to study with Carolyn Resnick. Through her approach, I have found the true language of horses, respectful relationships and authentic leadership. I am honored to be her “forever” student.

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