Dog Body Language

Deborah Wolfe on Pet Life Radio

Deborah Wolfe interviews Mary Margaret Callahan about Pet Partners and the great course they are offering on dog body language. Do you wish you could read dogs better? Wish you could know what your own dog truly wants or read the situations at the dog park earlier?  Are some dog breeds easier to read than others? If you think  a wagging tail always means happy dog then you need the course! Plus while learning to read dog body language you'll be helping to raise  money  to fund  animal visits for people in need.  The course itself was originally designed for those handling animals who visit hospitals and now its available to you at  Deborah chats with Mary Margaret about the many body signs you will learn to read by taking the course and the impact learning to read dog body language will have on your own dogs and your interactions with all dogs.

Mary Margaret Callahan on Pet Life Radio


Mary Margaret Callahan is the Senior National Director of Program Development at Pet Partners, where she oversees the largest and most prestigious therapy animal program registering nine different species. The daughter of a veterinarian, Mary Margaret grew up surrounded by pets and has a deep appreciation for the strength of the human-animal bond. Responsible for supporting safe and effective animal-assisted interventions for 11,000 Pet Partners teams across the country, Mary Margaret is responsible for elevating the caliber of training materials including launching the continuing education program ensuring highly trained and professional volunteers. Mary Margaret resides in Seattle with her loving husband where they are devoted parents to their young daughter and two companion dogs, Mimi the Chihuahua and Spin the Border collie. When not working, Mary Margaret spends time fantasizing about owning a miniature horse and planning chicken coops for poultry she does not yet own.