Cat Body Language

Deborah Wolfe on Pet Life Radio

Dusty Rainbolt, author of Deborah Wolfe’s favorite cat training book ‘Cat Wrangling Made Easy’  & others,  joins Deborah to discuss the differences between dogs and cats and their body language. Can you tell the bully from the victim in a dog or cat quarrel?  A cat lying on its back or offering its belly may attack seconds later while a dog doing the same is totally relaxed.  Sometimes their body language is the same but sometimes each species is  very different.  Does a wagging tail always mean happy pet?

Listen to this show if you want to understand dogs and cats body language better so you can read animals you don’t know, but also so you can read your own pets’ body language.  Deborah explains how sometimes a pet can tell you something you don’t expect; and need something that you would never have guessed because it goes against all the info and wisdom and book learning out there and yet your pet is telling you what it wants so why not listen? New Mom Golden Retriever Scarlet told Deborah something unexpected; Check out the one week old pups as they grow , open their eyes and get even cuter at camp good dog’s Facebook site or go to Deborah Wolfe, pet expert on Facebook to check out Deborah’s cat, dog, and animal world.


Dusty Rainbolt, ACCBC, is an award-winning cat writer according to her answering machine. She recently stopped writing on her cats because they move around too much and they smeared ink all over the furniture. She's worked as a professional free-lance journalist since the late 1980s, and began specializing in pet journalism in 1995. Today, she's the editor-in-chief of, a shop-to-donate website that benefits animal charities.

In 1986, a chance event changed her forever and set her life on a new course. A family moved from their apartment, abandoning their pregnant tabby cat in the snow. Accidental midwife, Dusty received a real life lesson in the plight of unwanted pets. After she found homes for Mom and her kittens, Dusty jumped head-first into cat and kitten rescue. Over the years, she has successfully bottle fed over 800 orphan kittens, and rescued and rehomed more than 700 adults and weaned kittens. She's an associate certified cat behavior consultant and member of International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants.

Some people describe Dusty as a Renaissance woman, or maybe they really mean she's ahead of her time. Six years before the premiere of Syfy Channel's Ghost Hunter show (and the TV ghost-hunting craze that followed) Dusty got her kicks hanging out in creepy locations wielding EMF meters and video cameras. Her experiences later provided her with fodder for her latest paranormal mystery, DEATH UNDER THE CRESCENT MOON (Yard Dog Press.) (You can watch Dusty's Crescent Hotel ghost voice video that inspired her novel at

Readers who love both ghosts and cats might also enjoy her award-winning nonfiction book, GHOST CATS: HUMAN ENCOUNTERS WITH FELINE SPIRITS (The Lyons Press), and her latest science fiction/fantasy anthology, THE MYSTICAL CAT (SkyWarrior Books.)

Her scifi fans know Dusty for her comedy, including the humorous science adventure, ALL THE MARBLES (Yard Dog Press.) Along with three other redheaded writers, Dusty co-authored the outrageous fantasy series THE FOUR REDHEADS, including: THE FOUR REDHEADS OF THE APOCALYPSE, APOCALYPSE NOW! and REDHEADS IN LOVE.

Cat lovers know Dusty best for her cat care/behavior books KITTENS FOR DUMMIES (John Wiley & Sons) and CAT WRANGING MADE EASY: MAINTAINING PEACE & SANITY IN YOUR MULTICAT HOME (The Lyons Press.) She is responsible for all story content for Her award-winning column "Ask Einstein" appears every month on AdoptAShelter's website.

You can read Dusty's articles in Cat Fancy and on,, and She frequently guest blogs. Dusty serves as vice president of the international journalism organization, Cat Writers' Association ( Since joining CWA in 1995, Dusty's books, columns, reviews and articles have been honored with more than 50 writing awards. She is a two-time recipient of the prestigious Friskies Writer of the Year Award.