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Deborah Wolfe
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Hottest Party On the Planet

Kristen Smith

Kristen Smith

What is the strangest job for dogs?   Our party guest today is Kristen Smith from Planet Dog and she’s here to tell you all about the service dogs her products help support; Seeing eye dogs, hearing dogs, dogs of war, epileptic seizure detection/escort dogs and new ways service dogs are helping kids with diabetes and autism.  Planet Dog sells eco friendly dog toys, and dog stuff like cheeky bumper stickers that will make any pet lover smile plus these planet dog gifts come with a feel good note explaining that you have just helped a service dog with a donation.  For Today’s party trick, Deborah teaches you how to get your dog to ‘go get’ objects on command and gives you some much needed holiday safety tips to keep your holiday parties safe for your animals.  Happy Holidays to you and your pets from all of us at Animal Party.   

Future Show:  Send in photos of pets you would like ‘read’ by Tim Link, author of ‘Wagging Tales’ who reads pets thoughts and feelings and tells their stories.  The photo must be well lit with both the pet’s eyes shown well for it to be chosen.  Please send to with the subject heading PET READING.

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