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I am Erika Alexander an Animal Communicator specializing in Readings for pets of all sorts...and people too, along with those on the other side. This show will enhance your life with your pets. It will entertain you & greatly expand your knowledge for & about your pets. When Animals Speak it helps us align with intimate wisdom of animals for insight & self-knowledge. Pets are our family and have our hearts.

Have you ever wondered if your pet could speak... what would they tell us

Episode 12 - Play Misty For Me

Erika speaks with astrologer Misty Day. Ms. Day holds a C.A.P. (Certified Astrological Professional) from the International Society for Astrological Research, and is an ordained minister. She is a practitioner of the Timesmithing Method of Astrological Interpretation with over 30 years experience.

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Episode 11 - Time To Face Reality

Erika talks to Jason Oropallo of RealityWanted.com. RealityWanted.com, originally launched by Mark Yawitz and Jason Oropallo is the first stop for anyone interested in reality television. With the latest casting calls, reality TV news, realitystar interviews, industry event photos, blogging, and discussion boards. There is no other source dedicated completely to reality television. Then DeDe calls in to find out about her new dog, Butterscotch.

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Episode 10 - Napoleon Lets The Cats Out of The Bag

English Bulldogs are notoriously bad swimmers. With a giant head and chest compared to a lighter tail end, they have a tendency to go bottoms up in the water. It’s hard to keep that head up above the waves when it’s the largest part of your body! Because of the breeds history of poor swimming ability, this morning’s news came as a bit of a shock to me! Napoleon, an obedient and well behaved two year old white English Bulldog in Michigan abruptly left his master’s side yesterday and raced out across a road and into a nearby lake.

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Episode 9 - Erie Zoo's Tiger a Shy Guy

Nikki, a shy, gorgeous, 370-pound male Amur tiger, also an endangered species now resides at the Erie Pennsylvania Zoo. Nikki has refused to come out of his den into his new $500,00. public exhibit since it opened two months ago. Find out if Nikki is shy or has other concerns we can solve so he can enjoy his new exhibit. We also talk to a young lady named Tara & I give my personal opinion on noise & animals.

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Episode 8 - Therapy...How Willy Got His Wheels

Willy belonged to the multitude of homeless and abandoned animals, labeled "unwanted". Discarded in a cardboard box, paralyzed and with his vocal cords severed, this tiny Chihuahua lived at an animal hospital waiting for someone to take him home. The story of Willy's plight touched pet storeowner Deborah Turner, who brought him home to her menagerie of rescued pets. She tried a comical array of methods to help Willy become mobile before they received his K9 Cart. Wheely Willy's set of wheels changed both Deborah's and Willy's lives. His mobility brought him an incredible energy and joy. He blossomed with his newfound freedom, which is chronicled in the children's book, "How Willy Got His Wheels", by Deborah Turner and Diana Mohler. The book was honored with the 1998 Maxwell Award for Children's Literature, and was nominated for a Caldecott Award for it's illustrations.

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Episode 7 - Find Out What It Takes to Become an Animal Actor

Ever seen a dog in the movie and wonder if your pooch could become a pet star? Well, you won't know if you're living with an actor dog until you consult the experts. I will be talking to David Larence of Hollywood Paws. Hollywood Paws is the first & largest Talent Agency in the world to focus exclusively on representing & promoting animal actors & studio trainers to the entertainment industry. Also, Martin, & Stephanie with her dog Bowdie who won the audition to be in the commercial for Burger King.

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Episode 6 - And The Winner Is...

We find out what Gus thinks of his new title as the winner of the World's Ugliest Dog Contest, held at the Sonoma-Marin Fair in California. I talk to Sabrina & her new puppy Rain, who was living in a shopping cart. Rain was adopted from a homeless couple...Sabrina took the saying adopt don't shop literally. And, last but not least we talk to Ruby a horse who spent 5 years standing in a barnl, & tells me how grateful he is to have a new home.

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Episode 5 - The Buzz On Bees

Beekeeper Dave Hackenberg gives Erika the buzz on bees and how they're disappearing from the landscape. Erika also does a reading from a pet dog and a pet bunny, plus some summer fun things to do with your pet.

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Episode 4 - Meet Nick Federoff

Erika talks wheat grass with Nick Federoff. Nick Federoff is the most listened to garden expert in the nation. Join him in his botanical gardens as he helps you keep "Things Green." Erika also does readings this week with Marlene & Bella, and Kim.

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Episode 3 - "The Champ" Ken Norton, & their new addition to the family.

We have Ken Norton, his sparring partner at home...Rose & the new Champ in the family Smokey. Given that you'll be living with your dog for the next 10 to 15 years, it's a good idea to spend a little time thinking about what to name your new "Champ." Get a few tips for naming your dog! Annie Roonie tells Marsha she does not like his name?

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Episode 2 - Blood Banks for Dogs

With the demand for dog blood rising every year, U. C. Davis hopes to become the largest blood bank for dogs west of the Mississippi. Officers who live with the constant threat of criminals shooting at their dog's, will have greater peace of mind knowing that with these blood banks, K-9's will have a better chance to survive. Find out how you can adopt wonderful retired blood donor dogs. I speak to Rive, Rio & 2 wonderful working dogs, Cider & Tank.

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Episode 1 - Is it Magic When Animals Speak!

We have John Gabriel " Magic's Hottest New Star". He has put his Magic to work & raised over $100,000. for various non-profit organizations. Susan Daffron, publisher of a new e-zine "National Association of Pet Rescue Professionals." Find out how to get 101 fundraising Ideas for FREE. And, then there is Ruth who rescued Buddy.

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