An Instagram Fashion Icon Drawing Attention to Puppy Mill Horrors

Jody Miller-Young on Pet Life Radio

Toast, of @ToastMeetsWorld, uses her platform of almost 300,000 Instagram followers to educate people on how awful puppy mills are and to not buy dogs from pet stores. She also has her own chic fashion accessories line, was taught to model by Karlie Kloss and calls Lucky magazine editor, Eva Chen a friend. Ah, to be a New York City fashionista with friends! Hear her mom, Katie Sturino, tell her story and meet her lesser known sister!

Toast Meets World  on Pet Life Radio


Why is my tongue always out??

I was rescued from a Puppy Mill in North Carolina in 2011 and brought to NYC where I was adopted by my famous Dad and my stage Mom. Oh, and my sister Muppet. My mouth used to smell like what I imagine actual hell smells like until all my rotten teeth were removed. Now I am toothless and I look like a cute hobo.

What is a Puppy Mill?

Puppy Mills supply 99.99999999% of all dogs that are found in any pet store or online shop. The owners of these businesses over-breed the mothers and fathers then discard them with no regard for health or happiness. A total downer, but true. So, if you want to get a dog, please adopt one. If you are a heartless monster, at least make sure to go to a breeder who does so responsibly. Muppet and I are both former puppy mill breeding dogs.

What do I eat?

Everything. Anything. My jaws could crush a can. On the day-to-day I prefer a mix of soft and hard food per my Vets recommendation.
I also love tacos. LOVE THEM.

How old am I?

Ageless. Like Pharrell.

Does my Tongue get dry?

YES, are you crazy? If you find anyone who makes a tongue moisturizer, PLEASE tell me. Until then, I have to stick with having fresh water near me at all times.

5 Things You Don't Know about Me:

· I am a huge Rob Lowe fan
· I don't play with toys because puppy mill dogs are not really socialized with them. So if you put a squeaky toy in front of me I will most likely just use it to snuggle.
· I only bark at birds
· I am not an early riser
· I will spoon with literally anyone