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Kathy Santo

Skip the box of chocolates and roses this Valentine’s Day and enjoy sloppy kisses from your favorite tail-wagger. Host Arden Moore showcases some special ways to say I WUV YOU to your pet – and help cats and dogs in need. Dog trainer and author Kathy Santo explains how you can send some cool, customized doggie and kittie emails to benefit homeless pets (go to and help Purina achieve its goal of finding homes for 100,000 deserving pets during February. Learn more by visiting Find out how you can assist other worthy pet groups by puckering up a Smooch-A-Pooch event at a local Muttropolis. Arden unleashes other events that show your puppy (or kitty) love, so don’t miss this special episode of Oh Behave!

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Announcer: There’s nothing like a shaggy dog, baby. They're shagadelic and this is the place to find out how to achieve harmony in your household with your pets. Yes, peace, harmony, pet power! Holy shitzu, baby. Do you want to know how to keep your pet from chewing your shoes, or eating your cat? It's all about relationships, baby. You and your pet, the pet.

So, tune in, turn on and get ready for the positively grooviest pet podcast on the planet. Oh, that’s a lot of Ps, baby, yes, isn’t it?

Man 2: What's this show called?

Announcer: “Oh, Behave!”

Man 2: No, really, what's this show called?

Announcer: “Oh, Behave!” with your shagadelic host, Arden Moore. What's happening, Arden? Yes, baby, yes, yes, tell us.

Arden Moore: Welcome to “Oh, Behave!” on Pet Life Radio. I'm your host, Arden Moore. Thanks again for tuning in. Hey, it's time to fess up, it's time to declare who your real sweetheart is for this Valentine’s Day. Now, it's OK if your sweetheart is a sloppy kisser or just seems to have a fetish for cackling at birds. You know what? You're not alone. In fact, more and more people are coming out of the closet--the pet closet, that is. I mean, come on, what were you thinking about? Not that there's anything wrong with that, and probably declaring their love and affection for their dogs and cats.

So to me, it's a little surprise that dogs and cats and other pets are now part of this whole Valentine’s Day celebration. In reality though, some dogs and cats don’t have any two leggers to shower them with gifts and hugs and meaty treats, yet. So in this very special episode of “Oh, Behave!”, I'm going to highlight some very special Valentine’s Day celebrations that cater to tail waggers and pur machines. So grab a pen and paper, you want to write down some key websites and locations in your area, and if you're driving, keep your hands on the wheel, relax, go to the website and we’ll have the transcript of this broadcast there, too.

So to kick off this show today, we are speaking with Kathy Santo. She's a very talented dog author and trainer. She's going to join us for the first half of the show to talk about taking a free twist to this special holiday and all it takes is a few clicks of your mouse--your computer mouse, that is.

Hey, Kathy, welcome to “Oh, Behave!”

Kathy Santo: Hey, thank you!

Arden Moore: So do you have a couple of Valentine’s Day sweeties at your place with the four legs?

Kathy Santo: I sure do. I have four legs, let's see three birds, three dogs, and a guinea pig. So I've a full house here.

Arden Moore: Oh, my gosh! Well, we're going to be talking to Kathy something about doggy and kitty emails and ways that you can help the homeless pets in your area, right after this commercial break.

Announcer: Would you like to go out? [dog barking]. Not you, I was talking to your owner. I'm on a date, baby. Yes, you and me. “Oh, Behave!” will be right back after these groovy shagadelic messages. Oh, yes!

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Announcer: We are switched back on, baby. Yes, so let's talk pets with our smashing host, pet edu-tainer, Arden Moore, and the groovy show that’s cool, baby, really shagadelic, “Oh, Behave!”

Arden Moore: Welcome back to the “Oh, Behave!” show on Pet Life Radio. I'm your host, Arden Moore. As mentioned, we have a very special guest, she is Kathy Santo. She is a dog trainer and author and she has a very cool website, and Kathy is with a K and a Y. She knows a lot about training dogs in a positive manner and she's actually helping out some little known company called Purina get the word out about some kind of a program for doggy, kitty emails and even some saving coupons.

So, Kathy, can you explain a little bit about what's going on?

Kathy Santo: Absolutely. Well, Purina did a survey, and what they found was that--you and I are probably already knew--but more than 60% of the pet owners plan to include their pets on Valentine’s Day. So they thought, “Well, if they're going to do that, why don’t they help you celebrate?” So the first thing that they’ll going to do is give coupons in local newspapers on February 10th and you can save--for $12--on dog and cat foods and treats for your pets to help them celebrate Valentine’s Day with you.

Arden Moore: That’s a lot of kibble!

Kathy Santo: It's a lot of kibble, and my personal favorite and my dog’s love are the Busy Bone, so I'll been stacking up on those.

Arden Moore: I like the Busy Bones. My two dogs do, too. They're not too hard and they're not too soft, they're sort of just right.

Kathy Santo: Yes, and they even make the open it Busy Bone now which is great because one of my Border Collies and they're really tough chewer and that actually keeps them busy for about an hour which makes me happy when I'm answering email.

Arden Moore: Wow! That’s awesome! I like that one. So, on February 10th, we scurry through our newspapers and we're going to clip out some coupons. How long can they last, is it just for that day or during the month of February? Do you know exactly?

Kathy Santo: It's probably during the month of February. Every coupon, check a little thing in the left hand corner, it tells you when they expire.

Arden Moore: OK. By doing this, you can save money yourself for your own pet household, but what else is free in doing that might help some pets that do need homes?

Kathy Santo: Well, they're doing two things. The first and the big thing is they are doing this unique ecard technology and they're doing something called “DOGGIE-MAIL” and “KITTIE-MAIL”.

Arden Moore: OK.

Kathy Santo: You can go to

Arden Moore: Let's make sure we get it for everybody, it's, correct?

Kathy Santo: Right. You will see, you can send the DOGGIE-MAIL or a KITTIE- MAIL, and when you click on to this--and if you have children, I warn you, they will do this nonstop as my kids were doing. You choose which kitty or which doggy that you'd like and then you put it in different backgrounds, in different frames, with different accessories. Then you can add voice to it, your own or text-to-voice where you can type in a message and you can choose the voice that comes out of the dog’s or cat’s mouth or just a predetermined message that they already have in there. For every one of these emails—doggy mail or kitty mail--that you send, Purina will donate 50¢ to help homeless dogs and cats across the country.

Arden Moore: How long will they be doing this? I understand it's not just on Valentine’s Day, right?

Kathy Santo: No, the promotion is from February 1st to the 14th.

Arden Moore: OK, so we go dash over to, we can click on the DOGGIE- MAIL and the KITTIE- MAIL links and create our own kind of a tail wagger ecard. I don’t know about you growing up, we always like to make our own Valentine’s card with paste and glue--God! Am I sound old--and you cut up the little card and you colored it and you gave it to your Mom or your Dad or your sweetheart that used to punch you in the arm in third grade, things like that. I'm telling you, we’ve come a long way with this technology and it sounds like this doggy and kitty email are probably the best kind of emails to land in your inbox.

Kathy Santo: It's so cool. Now, one of the best parts of it is that you can actually upload a picture of your own pet.

Arden Moore: No way.

Kathy Santo: Yes, exactly. You can send your own dog, and I did this with my dog. I sent a picture of him, I used my voice--it's crazy--and I made him say what I wanted him to say which I won't share with everybody.

Arden Moore: Well, you know the cat or the dog is out of the bag now, so we're going to go to and find out what the heck did you do and which dog, and what's your dog’s name. The poor dog, let the dog have five seconds of fame here. What's your doggy’s name?

Kathy Santo: My dog’s name is Quick.

Arden Moore: Quick!

Kathy Santo: He's a Border Collie. I had to name him Quick.

Arden Moore: Yes, he's like an Einstein with fur. Well, Einstein [xx].

Kathy Santo: Yes. He's so smart. He almost did his own dog email, but I don’t let him use the computer because, you know, you want to be safe with your dogs and cats.

Arden Moore: Yes, you probably have a doggy guard on your keyboard or something for Quick.

Kathy Santo: I know where he's gone.

Arden Moore: You actually did something, now who you're sending this Valentine’s to?

Kathy Santo: Well, I'm sending one to all of my students and my family, the ones that are technologically savvy. What I'm hoping to do is I'm going to send each of my students one and then they are going to send it to a bunch of people and then, so we're just going to get the chain going and we're going to get 50¢ for every single one. Now, I have a few students who have computers, but not dogs. So what I'm directing them to--and I'm making the little dog [xx]--is I'm sending them to What Purina has done, they have a goal of getting home for 100,000 deserving pets in the month of February.

Arden Moore: That’s great.

Kathy Santo: So they set up this little site,, if you go to that site, you put in your zip code and the state that you live in and it will direct you to a local shelter or rescue in your area.

Arden Moore: Wow! You know what? The computer, I'm hugging it, I'm hugging it, it's really a great idea. There's a lot of things that we get annoyed by our inbox and the emails and all, but here's a chance, folks, to really help dogs and cats and other creatures that need homes. I don’t know about you, Kathy, but all four of my--I call them my Furry Fab Four--and all of them came from the streets and shelters and I've two cats and two dogs. I think Chipper, Kelly, Cleo, and Murphy are going to be sending out kitty and doggy mail this Valentine’s Day. Sure be it's going to the store and buying the Hallmark variety, nothing against Hallmark, but this is such more creative and it has an opportunity to help. So, it's kind of a gift that keeps giving.

Kathy Santo: It's a give back, and I was saying to my students today, “Purina is doing everything for you but training your dog.” They're letting you send a cool card and they're giving money, they're giving your website if you don’t have a dog, then they're giving you savings on products and foods and treats. All you have to do is train the dog or even the kitty because this goes for kitties, too, and you're done.

Arden Moore: Yes, yes. Oh, my gosh!

Kathy Santo: So it's a great deal.

Arden Moore: Now, when you're not zipping up doggy and kitty emails to people, Kathy, can you share with our listeners a little bit about what you do when it comes to helping out pets? I know you do more than just training and you have a new book out, the “Kathy Santo’s Dog Sense”. Is that right? Is that your first book?

Kathy Santo: That was my first book, “Kathy Santo’s Dog Sense”.

Arden Moore: [cheering] Pass up! Pass up!

Kathy Santo: Yes! I also write a column for House Beautiful Magazine called “Ask the Dog Shrink”. I also write for the American Kennel Club, the “Training and Behavior” column.

Arden Moore: That’s not a bad club to write for.

Kathy Santo: No, you know what? I love it because that their Family Dog Magazine are home pet owners, so it's really helping people. It's not so much about the competition stuff which I did, too--the obedience, the agility--but this is how [xx] Purina the basics, let’s find a way to keep you and your dog happy so your dog doesn’t wind up in a shelter which is a big goal of mine.

Arden Moore: I know you've had this love with fur--and I'm talking about dogs and cats--since you were a little one in diapers almost, right? So I'm looking at your website and I'm spying that there was a Golden Retriever in your life named “Opal” that really rocked you to stardom in the world obedience trials. Goldens are very obedient and all, but tell me a little bit about how you got in this path?

Kathy Santo: I rescued a Doberman and I will take him to training classes and I saw other people with different competitive type, the reason I fell in love with the Golden Retriever breed. Not that I didn’t love my Doberman, but I like the look and maybe more of the willingness of the Golden. I found a breeder and this amazing dog just showed up in my life, and aside from winning the tournaments and all that that she did which was kind of unusual for a novice person to have that kind of success with their first dog. She was the greatest teacher ever, because you would do things, you make mistakes and she was very forgiving. She was a very generous, she’ll go, “You know what? We're on the wrong path, we should change course.” Unfortunately, I listened to her and she really laid the foundation for going forward with this and making this into something that I've done since I was very, very young.

Arden Moore: Wow! That is great, and I know, I'm sure Opal was great with using your vacuum cleaner, too. I have a Golden Husky mix and I don’t know why, but I guess I just wanted the two breeds in life that give my vacuum cleaner the biggest workout. But you're right, they’ve got that grin, that golden grin that you just melt even when they’ve done something which you want them to do but they're like, “Come on! Look at me! I'm a Golden!”

Kathy Santo: This dog had my heart so deeply that when she passed on, I haven’t been able to get another one. I actually switched breeds because I knew it would be unfair to compare the nice Golden to her, that’s how special she was. So in the future I'm sure there’ll be a rescued [sp] Golden in my future, but not quite yet.

Arden Moore: We are speaking with Kathy Santo, she is a dog trainer and author of “Kathy Santo’s Dog Sense”, her first book. Go out and buy it, it's worth it. She’s also helping the Purina talked to all of use about our favorite Valentine’s Day sweetheart which is our dog and our cat. What you can do, folks, is go to and click on the DOGGIE-MAIL and KITTIE-MAIL links and you can create a very cool customized ecard filled with lots of love--puppy and kitty love--to send to someone special. And 50¢ of each of these emails are going to benefit homeless dogs and cats. In addition, there is also a site--write this, and you can actually be able to--explain again the or is that the one--Kathy help me out on this one.

Kathy Santo: If you don’t have a pet but you want one, you can find your absolute perfect match at the local shelter or even at your organization. So when you go to that site, you just put in the state that you live in and click it and it’ll bring up shelters in your area, so we got to meet that goal.

Arden Moore: That’s right. 100,000 dogs and cats or pets that you're trying to find homes for in the month of February.

Kathy Santo: A lot of great ones out there. You know what, I know it and Purina’s helping you to find them so it couldn't be any easier.

Arden Moore: They also want to put a little more catching in your wallet, I guess too, with this, you can get some kibble savings and dog and cat food and treats, right?

Kathy Santo: Dog food, cat food, yes, for the Valentine’s Day holiday because 60% of us are going to include them, and on this celebration, thanks to them to give us savings.
Arden Moore: That’s right.

Kathy Santo: We can do that.

Arden Moore: Well, Kathy, before we say adieu to you, we also want our listeners to know if they go to the website, they’ll going to also find out that she's kind of a rising entrepreneur. She has created the whole line of products called “Kathy Santo’s Hip Pet Organics” and I applaud--to give you a big push up to anybody that likes what they do for a living, is passionate about it, and tries to share that by bringing out quality products. So is there a couple of products you can shamelessly promote before we send you off?

Kathy Santo: Well, there's a bunch of them, but I will quickly do. One of my favorites is this called “Don’t Chew Dare” which is a spray that first repels the dog with the scent that he won't like but we like and then if he tries to move forward and do some chilling, it's a definite taste that he won't like. The best part of it is it's organic, it's eco-friendly and it's not going to ever--if you get it on your hands or your face--hurt you. I believe in that, I believe in organics, I believe in made in the USA, and I believe in eco-friendly. Right now, I have a carsickness remedy. You name it, we have it, and we're developing it.

Arden Moore: All right, well, you know, Kathy, I hope to meet you in person someday. I promise not to give you a big old sloppy kiss or I'll shed on your black pantsuit with my hair or anything like that. But I do applaud what you're doing for dogs and cats and people everywhere. I do appreciate you being on the show, so have a great Valentine’s Day with Quick and all the other creatures and people in your life.

Kathy Santo: I will and you do the same. Thank you for having me.

Arden Moore: You're having to “Oh, Behave!” on Pet Life Radio. We're going to be back right after these messages. So hang on, we got some more special Valentine’s Day ideas to share with you.

Announcer: Would you like to go out? [dog barking]. Not you, I was talking to your owner. I'm on a date, baby. Yes, you and me. “Oh, Behave!” will be right back after these groovy shagadelic messages. Oh, yes!

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Announcer: We are switched back on, baby, yes. So let's talk pets with our smashing host, pet edu-tainer, Arden Moore, and the groovy show that’s cool, baby, really shagadelic, “Oh, Behave!”

Arden Moore: Welcome back to the “Oh, Behave!” show on Pet Life Radio. I'm your host, Arden Moore. Once again, we’re very thankful that Kathy Santo stopped by. She's a dog trainer and author and she helps share with us some cool ways to send doggy emails and kitty emails during the Valentine’s Day holiday that will benefit actually homeless dogs and cats and this is being done by Purina. You can just go to and click on the DOGGIE-MAIL and KITTIE-MAIL links.

So that’s one option that you have for your little furry sweetheart this year. I'm going to share in the second half of the show some other ways. There is a company called Muttropolis, I love this name. What they're doing during the Valentine’s Day holiday, they are inviting you to a “Smooch-A-Pooch For a Cause” that celebrates your relationship with your furry Valentine. They’re being held at different locales. So when you go on to this site after this broadcast, we're going to share with you where and when, but just to run down of few things of what's happening here, let me share with you.

If you happen to live in either the Solana Beach, California area or Boulder, Colorado, you should dash to your local Muttropolis on February 2nd because what is happening there, they're going to be having--for $10, you can get a portrait of you and your pet in a kissing booth. That’s right, a kissing booth. Sure beats being in the water booth with the balloons, and at the one in Solana Beach, California, they're going to have all these portraits go to benefit a very, very worthy group called “SNAP”. Now, they're not a bunch of professional finger snappers. What SNAP stands for is Spay-Neuter Action Project.

Now, also on February 2nd, if you happen to live in Boulder, Colorado and you got tired of just skiing the big white powder on the mountains, why don’t you just swing over to the Muttropolis there February 9th and you can do a “Smooch-A-Pooch For a Cause” there. What they're doing is they're having pet portraits and they're going to benefit local animal welfare organizations in their area. They're also going to shower you with some goodies, food, and drinks for both you and your pooch. So stop by there.

In Newport Beach, for all of you who live in Newport Beach, California or in that area of Orange County, on February 9th, they're going to have a Muttropolis’ “Smooch-A-Pooch” photo event. What you can do there is you make a $5 donation to the Irvine Animal Care Center and you get some pretty funny kissing booth photos, so it's a good cause. On February 13th in the Muttropolis in the La Hoya area which is in the San Diego County area, you can--for $10--get a portrait and benefit the SNAP group--Spay-Neuter Action Project.

On February 15th, even though it's a day after Valentine’s Day, the celebration continues. You can go to the Muttropolis in Tucson, Arizona and they're going to have a fun Yappy Hour and they're going to benefit a group called PACC which stands for Pima Animal Care Center. You're like “OK, how do I find out all about these?” Just simply go to the overall website of and you can get some of the details about some of the fun events during this Valentine’s Day holiday what will benefit dogs and cats and needs at the Muttropolis.

I wanted to also share with you that the Muttropolis is going to have a very special event in Boulder, Colorado on February 9th. Part of the money--the “Smooch-A-Pooch”--is going to benefit one of my favorite groups, the Morris Animal Foundation. They have a Canine Cancer Research Fund, they're trying to raise money for that.

You don’t have to own a dog to go to any of these “Smooch-A-Pooch” events. Just go and pucker up and who knows? You might get a sloppy kiss by a Golden Retriever or a bulldog, you know, you'll never know. So here's your chance to get kissed on Valentine’s Day. That’s one event and that’s being held by the Muttropolis folks.

In addition, there is a group that is trying to help poor dogs and it's called “Have a Heart Campaign”. It is being organized by a group called Dogs Deserve Better. The founder is a woman by the name of Tammy Grimes and she says what she wants to do is--this is the fifth annual event--her goal is to have people send out 8,000 Valentines to chained or penned-in dogs. As she states, “Our target is within reach and we have been taking straggler addresses all these time”, but if you want to learn more, just send an email to her at

Now, last year, 118 people contributed to this, and what they're trying to do is to promote that dogs shouldn’t be chained in the backyard, they shouldn’t be penned-in. They need to be loved and exercised. She has a website, and what they're trying to do is reach out to dogs thousands all over the country. The sponsor is the Best Friends Animal Society and they just want to bring awareness and build relationships on behalf of dogs who’ve been chained everywhere. I also urge you, again, go to that website, it's

A third thing that’s up on the list, Spay Day USA and Valentine’s Day are both in the month of February. I'm talking about not you getting spayed or neutered but your dog or your cat. During February 12th to 14th, there's going to be a special dog adoption drive that’s being spearheaded by Pedigree, the dog food company. It's called the “Pedigree Dogs [xx] Adoption  Drive” and here is how it works. During those dates between February 12th and 14th, the first 1,000 people in the United States who submit proof of adopting a worthy dog between those three dates, February 12th to 14th, are going to receive a year’s worth of free Pedigree dog food to help their new adoptee. In addition, Pedigree is going to donate a matching year’s supply of food for the canine organizations where the winning adoptions takes place.

You know what, this is such a great opportunity to help others and keep your dogs kibble bowl filled. So I hope you take advantage of that, and this is again being with the--it's called the “Pedigree Dogs Adoption Drive”. To learn more about that, please go to a website called This is the group that’s letting others know about this special Valentine’s Day celebration.

We have a lot of fun on this radio show “Oh, Behave!”, talking about cool ways to enjoy our dogs and cats and other creatures. But with Valentine’s Day right around the corner, I am very glad that we have our special guest Kathy Santo on to talk a little bit about fun ways to promote that bond between our dogs and cats and also help other pets that need homes, that are homeless or have had some bad problems. So equally important to all these events, the “Smooch-A-Pooch”, the doggy email with Purina, and all these other things, is to pay a little attention these holidays season so that your dog or your cat does have a safe Valentine’s Day

You know what? We know, it's a no-brainer, chocolate and dogs and cats just don’t mix. There's actually an ingredient in chocolate that could cause some really nasty symptoms in your dog or your cat that could--we're not going to get graphic here--and just two ounces of baking chocolate could actually kill some dogs or cats. So when your two-legged sweetie gives you a box of chocolates, do me a favor. Make sure that they're well out of paws reach. The other thing, don’t be leaving any drinks of alcohol lying around within the easy reach of your dog or your cat because having a bulldog drink a little bit of beer or some other things can cause a whale of problems. So be very careful about that.

There is also--this is kind of surprising, but some of the candy has a sugar substitute--because everybody wants to remain lean and healthy even during holidays like Valentine’s--so sometimes people get these sugar free candies. There's actually a substance there, in X-Y-L-I-T-O-L and it can cause a sudden drop in blood pressure. Now, if you're a doctor you know the term is called “hypoglycemia”. It can cause seizure in dogs and cats. So again, if you're having sugar free candy lying around and it has that sugar substitute, please make sure that it’s kept out of paws reach.

It's not just candy, it's not just the beverages that you need to be concerned about. You also need to be worried about some of the flowers and plants that you might receive as a gift from your Valentine’s sweetie. Some poisonous flowers include tulips, daisies, chrysanthemums, and even baby’s breath. So if you want to give someone in your life a nice Valentine’s Day flower or plant and they have dogs or cats in their home, here's some safer alternatives. Send them African violets or jasmines or even orchids. If you're not sure which one is a good or bad plant for dogs or cats, you can go to the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center and that website will list all the good and bad plants for people that have dogs and cats.

If you get roses, they smell great and they look great, but remember they have thorns and they can be potentially harmful to dogs and cats. If they play with all those roses or if they accidentally bite them or they step on them or even worse, swallow the thorns, you know sometimes they’ll eat anything. So just be careful to keep these roses in a vase well out of your dog’s or cat’s reach so that you can enjoy the flowers in a safe manner.

A couple other things, please remember, if you're having that romantic evening and you're burning candles, don’t leave the room while the flames are still burning. It just takes a second for a curious paw to find the candle and you could start a fire or burn a paw, so be careful with that.

And finally, after you open up your own presents, make that you discarded all the cellophane, the ribbons, the bows, anything that your dog or cat could be at risk for choking on or accidentally swallowing. The last thing is we don’t want to spend our Valentine’s Day at a pet emergency facility.

This has been a very special show “Oh, Behave!” today. I was very happy that we had Kathy Santo on. I can't wait to click on the site and start creating some dog emails and cat emails that I can send to all my Valentine’s Day sweeties and I hope you'll do the same because for each email that we do send, we're going to benefit a homeless dog or cat. It's 50¢ for every email, so please please do that, and I do appreciate everything that you're doing. I can't wait for this Valentine’s Day because now we have more things to do. I think I'm going to go to the “Smooch-A-Pooch” at the Muttropolis and get sloppy kissed, why not, and there's other things.

This is your host, Arden Moore, for “Oh, Behave!” and Pet Life Radio and I want to thank you again for tuning in. I also want to thank my co-producer for making this show possible. If you'd like to learn a little bit more about today’s show and you should because we're going to be putting down all these key websites that I've asked you to pay heed to or you want to get a transcript of this show, please just go to and click on the “Oh, Behave!” show. If you have any questions or comments or ideas for the show, please email me at

So until next time, this is your flea-free host, Arden Moore, delivering just two words for all of you two, three, and four leggers out there, “Oh, Behave!”

Announcer: There's nothing like a shaggy dog, baby. They're shagadelic, and this is the place to find out how to have harmony in the household with your pets. Oh, yes! So stop by our pad every week and get switched on, baby, switched on with the show that’s all about attitude, “Oh, Behave!” with your groovy host, pet edu-tainer, Arden Moore. Yes, baby, yes, every week on demand on

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