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Meet a Real Mobster Turned Champion of Mutts and Other Homeless Animals James Giuliani

James Giuliani  on Pet Life Radio.......

James Giuliani................................


A decade ago, James Giuliani made his living as a street enforcer for the Mafia. Now, he searches the streets of New York to rescue dogs, cats, ducks and other homeless critters who are sick, injured and hungry. He stars on the new Oprah Winfrey show – The Diamond Collar – that airs on the OWN network. Tune in as James shares how a little dog named Bruno won the heart of this former gangster. Listen as he describes how the Mafia feels about his ‘career switch.’ Tune in – or else!

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About “The Diamond Collar”

“The Diamond Collar” follows the day-to-day life of James Guiliani, a former street enforcer for the mafia, who spent years running with John Gotti's crew. But after a life-changing encounter with a stray dog, James found a new purpose, and now runs a top dog grooming parlor in Brooklyn - The Diamond Collar – pampering pooches with the love of his life, Lena Perrelli, and rescuing abused and abandoned animals throughout the borough. But life as Brooklyn’s top dog groomer and rescuer is more complicated than it ever was in the mob. With a constant battle to pay the bills, stick to the right side of the law and a revolving door of colorful and demanding customers, James and Lena have their hands full.  From old “associates” to unpredictable rescue missions and unruly employees, James and Lena try to maintain some semblance of normalcy in their bizarre, heartfelt and hilarious life. 

James Guiliani on choosing the right grooming shop:
1.  Always ask if your dog groomer uses cage drying, which can be very dangerous.  Hot air cage drying can lead to heat exhaustion.
2.  Make sure your dog is up to date on their shots, especially the Bordetella shot.  Kennel cough contaminates the air indoors and can have severe consequences in both younger and older dogs.
3.  Ask to see the back of the salon.  A proper groomer shouldn’t have a problem showing you their full facilities. 
4.  Ask about their policy on what happens if your dog is hurt or has a medical emergency: what vet they will take your pet to and who is responsible for the vet bill.
5.  When going to a new grooming salon, make sure to tell them the full medical history on your dog.  This includes whether or not your dog is prone to seizures, has heart issues or has had any surgery.  In grooming, the groomer needs to extend their legs, and if a groomer doesn’t know of any pre-existing conditions, extending their legs could hurt the dog.  

James Guiliani on keeping your dog safe in the winter:
1.  Salt sprinkled on the ground for melting ice is very painful to a dog’s sensitive pads.  Be careful to avoid areas with salt and make sure to rinse your dog’s feet if they are exposed to salt during the winter.
2.  If your dog stays in a doghouse in the yard, insulate with straw only and never use blankets or any type of cloth that is left outdoors.  Damp conditions are a breeding ground for mold. 
3.  When walking your dog on icy streets, exercise caution because just like athletes, they can suffer ligament tears and muscle strain.  ACL and meniscus injuries are common.
4.  Dog booties are sold for dogs of all sizes and helpful in the winter to keep paws protected in the snow.
5.  Always dry your dog completely if they get wet on a walk, either from snow or freezing rain.  Matting of the coat can take place and the groomer will then have to shave them off.

The Diamond Collar

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