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So, what type of pet parenting style do you prefer? Are you A) The Spoiler or B) The Minimalist? Find out clues from Julia Szabo, the nationally known animal advocate. Julia also shares what life is like cohabitating with her four rescued dogs in New York City and unleashes some very creative tips to keep hairy canines cool in the hot summer months and keep them hydrated. And, she shares the big news about a new flea and tick product called Bravecto that fends off these parasites for 12 weeks (three times longer than the conventional preventives). All this and more on today’s special Oh Behave show that literally – and happily – has gone to the dogs!

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Julia Szabo, nationally recognized Pet Reporter and animal health advocate, is a trusted authority on living safely and stylishly with furry friends.

Julia has authored six books, and has provided expert commentary on dog lifestyles for a wide range of print and broadcast media, including Fox News, Newsweek, The New York Times, Town & Country, The New York Post, Traditional Home, Dog Fancy, Country Living, FIDOFriendly, Amazing Wellness, Dogster, and HowCast.

Julia lives in New York City with her family of rescued dogs (she's pictured in the photo with her German Shepherd, Desiree).

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