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Tune into This Special Episode of Oh Behave Thatís Full of Surprises Unleashed by Surprisologist Tania Luna

Tania Luna on Pet Life Radio.......

Tania Luna


Does your dog got the boredom blues? Is your indoor cat napping way too much? Unleash positive surprise in their lives. Discover how you can enrich and engage not only your pets but yourself by tuning into this special Oh Behave Show episode featuring special guest Tania Luna, a surprisologist and co-author of  Surprise: Embrace the Unpredictable and Engineer the Unexpected.  If you talk, bark or purr – this is an episode not to miss!

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    Tania Luna leads the culture department at LifeLabs New York, a company that helps people, teams, and organizations master life’s most useful skills (from how to ask better questions to how to think more strategically). She is also the cofounder of Surprise Industries, the world’s only company specializing in surprise. Tania writes for Psychology Today and conducts research on surprise.




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