Pet Life Radio Interviews Pet Celebrities At The First Meow Woof Festival

Arden Moore on Pet Life Radio

Arden Moore, host of the Oh Behave Show on Pet Life Radio, happily takes on the role of "Rover" Reporter as she heads to Fredericksburg, VA to cover the first Meow Woof Festival. Listeners, you're in for a special treat as Arden interviews some top pet headliners at this event. They include Ingrid King, of The Conscious Cat; Kate Benjamin, co-author with Jackson Galaxy of Catify to Satisfy; Lisa Maria Padilla and her trick-performing cat named Racy Mooner; Kathy McCall of Shadow Cat Advocates; a pair of feline fashionistas (Gia and Coco) and their people: Kathy Pritchard and Teri Thorsteinson and of course, the event's creators, Bob Walker and Frances Mooney.

Meow Woof Festival on Pet Life Radio