ER Veterinarian Mike LoSasso Needs Your Help to Keep Your Pets Safe!

Arden Moore on Pet Life Radio

As a veteran emergency room veterinarian, Dr. Mike LoSasso sees far too many dogs and cats being accidentally poisoned by exposure to lily plants, dark chocolate, sugar-free gum containing xylitol. So, he is now leading an educational initiative aimed at florists and retailers called Preventing Pet Poisoning and is counting on us as pet parents to spread the word. Tune in as he explains simple but vital ways we can reduce the risk of our pets ingesting toxic substances. This is one show you don't want to miss! Tune in now! 


Dr. Michael LoSasso earned his veterinary degree from Texas A&M University in 1993, and has practiced in North Texas ever since. He has worked for other veterinarians, and owned his own practice, but for the last 12 years he has practiced exclusively in emergency medicine. 

Cases of poisoning or toxicity are not uncommon in “regular” veterinary practice, but it has really been in the emergency room that Dr. Mike has gotten a real frustration for the sickness and death caused by the poisonings, since most of these are actually preventable. The key, he says, is education, but a shift in how that education is delivered is necessary to really save the lives of pets. As he says, he is trying to “bring common sense to the rescue of America’s pets.”