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Behind the Scenes of CBS’ Greatest American Dog Show – Big Woofs!

Michael Piper-Younie on Pet Life Radio

Michael and Ezzie......

Listeners, you’re in for a treat – and we’re talking about something more delicious than a meaty bone. Tune in as host Arden Moore chats with Michael Piper-Younie, the first contestant “expelled” from the new show, “Greatest American Dog” that airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. EST on CBS. Michael, an aspiring comedian originally from San Diego, talks about what life was like as one of the 12 people-dog teams competing for the show’s top prize: $250,000 and the title of Greatest American Dog. Michael lavishes praise about his special dog, Ezzie, a beautiful and talented Boston terrier. Come back each week as we chat with all the contestants. Talk about bo-WOW!

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Greatest American Dog on CBS-TV


Arden Moore:  Welcome to the “Oh Behave !!” show on Pet Life Radio!  I’m your host Arden Moore.  Time for a reality check:  I confess, I…love…reality shows…most of them.  They teach me a lot about myself like for starters, I will never be applauded for doing the cha-cha and I have finally accepted I’m not smarter than a fifth grader.  But, one new show has really grabbed my attention; it’s called Greatest American Dog and it airs every Thursday at 8 p.m. eastern time on CBS.  The first episode aired July 16th and I didn’t miss a minute.  Now listeners, you are in for a treat each week during the “Greatest American Dog” show’s run we will be following up with chats with the contestants who got booted off the week before so that we can glean a little bit of insight into the world of reality shows and our love for dogs.  This week our special guest is Michael Piper-Younie and his adorable Boston terrier, Ezzie.  Welcome to the show,

Michael Piper-Younie:  Great!  Thank you for having us!  Good morning!

Arden Moore:  Oh, good morning!  We’re going to get into what life is like being in the dog house in front of millions of people.

Michael Piper-Younie:  Oh yeah!

Arden Moore:  Right after this commercial break.

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Arden Moore:  Welcome back to the “Oh Behave !!” show on Pet Life Radio!  I’m your host Arden Moore.  As mentioned, we are delighted to have Michael Piper-Younie and his dog, Ezzie, a Boston terrier.

Michael Piper-Younie: Oh yes!

Arden Moore:  You guys could have caught him last week on the “Greatest American Dog” show on CBS.  I was rooting for you, Michael!

Michael Piper-Younie: Oh, thank you!

Arden Moore:  And I was bummed that you got expelled.  But you know what that’s still amazing, because there was literally thousands of people auditioning for those twelve spots on the show, right?

Michael Piper-Younie: I know, right.  It is amazing and you gotta take the good with the bad and, you know, I’m just as happy to have done it with and show everybody my amazing little creature, Esmeralda.  She’s an amazing dog.

Arden Moore: Well, listen, we’re sort of neighbors.  I know you live in L.A. now, but you were born and raised in San Diego and I’m here in Oceanside.

Michael Piper-Younie: I was!

Arden Moore: So, I’m a fan and I was rooting for ya.  So tell me what it was like some of the behind-the-scenes.  First of all, how did you even think about applying and what do you think landed you one of the twelve spots?

Michael Piper-Younie:  You know it’s funny we didn’t even actually apply!  I had no idea about the casting call that happened months back that, you know, spanned people from across the country coming to vie for one of those spots.  And, a couple weeks before I received a phone call to a friend of the family’s daughter who was in casting and they were still, you know, looking for some personality characters-types, what have you.
Arden Moore (laughing):  Well, you definitely are!

Michael Piper-Younie:  And, we went in for an interview and Ezzie spazzed out accordingly and it was just a really natural thing having her there, total ice breaker.  And, it went from there, and it has snow balled since then.

Arden Moore:  Oh my gosh!  See, I thought you had a great shot because you were also an aspiring comedian and Lord knows we need to laugh a little bit and if people can’t laugh when they are around dogs there’s something wrong.  Don’t you think?

Michael Piper-Younie:  Oh I agree 100%!  Some people take stuff a little too seriously even though it is a competition.  But, you know, that’s…I love making a situation a little more jovial and…and I wanted to be bonded with these people even though I was competing against them.

Arden Moore:  I know there are a lot of things going on behind the scenes and there are some things you are obviously not allowed to say at this point because of the filming.

Michael Piper-Younie:  Oh yes…yeah.

Arden Moore:  But, dish out, baby!  Tell us a little bit about some things that might surprise people about what life is like in a reality show.

Michael Piper-Younie:  Well, you know what, this show in particular I don’t think people have any idea.  Well, when we see these shows where people are living together and, you know, personalities conflict or they get along or people are attracted to each other or drama happens and thing happen.  But, this adding twelve dogs to the element…oh my Lord…the house was a ball of frenetic energy and it was pretty nuts.  But, everyone had a good…well…everyone mostly had a good reign on their dogs; and I got along well with most everybody.  There were some personalities that they were the end all to be all and then their dogs were the end all to be all.  You know, they train their dogs to tour the country to do the shows and stuff, and that just made me all the more driven to go to the end.  And, I mean we could’ve.

Arden Moore:  Especially you.  Yeah!  We want the real deal…yeah, yeah.  Well, tell me a little bit about Esmeralda.  What a cutie pie!

Michael Piper-Younie:  Thank you.

Arden Moore:  I mean, how did you get her?  And now I guess her nickname’s Ezzie but tell me a little bit about her and your connection.

Michael Piper-Younie:  Yeah, you know, Ezzie literally fell into my lap just like the show did.  And, like I said, things happen for a reason.  I actually was going to get my hair cut in L.A. where I go, and I walked in the front door and the receptionist had this seven-week old one of her brother…I think it was her sister…in the armpit area of her body.  And I…I literally almost died.  I threw up in my mouth I was so excited…just like my dog.  And, you know, I just saw them.  And, she was like, “Oh my God, Michael, you have to get one.   There’s one left.  You know, and I came back that Saturday with my twin sister.  And, she was on my stomach.  She was this tiny little thing with a little Mohawk stripe with a brown coloring which I had never seen before, and these hazel eyes.  And, my sister looks over at me and she said, “Michael if you were to get her what would you name her?”  It was like a flash of light…Esmeralda!  Ever since then it’s been nonstop.  I made sure that I could get her in my apartment, and she’s been an amazing, amazing addition to my life.  She makes me laugh and keeps me on my toes.  You know, dogs are needed because they bond you with your community and with your neighbors and with life.

Arden Moore:  Oh yeah.  I mean that was a…that’s a rare color for a Boston terrier.

Michael Piper-Younie:  Yeah.

Arden Moore: But, you know what, I liked her personality.  I mean is there a favorite trick or a favorite activity that the two enjoy doing?

Michael Piper-Younie:  This dog enjoys just about everything.  But, she is so competitive.  She does not let…you know, it’s funny when she was little she was afraid of water.  And now, because of how competitive she is…when the first day she jumped into the ocean, being from San Diego as we are, I don’t think I was so ever more excited in my life.  I was with my brother in the Coronado dog beach and his dog was going into the ocean for the ball.  And, my dog kind of went…waves…scary…I…I’m going in!  And she went barreling into the ocean, diving over the waves just to get the ball first.  And, I honestly, I was like such a proud papa at that moment.  And, we discovered that the pool was not such a bad thing because it’s fun to play with when it’s hot.  And, you know, just every day she’s…she….she’s just a dare devil and fearless.  And, she does agility stuff that dogs three times her size are good at and she’s amazing at.  And she learns it like that.  She just really is incredible and can pick up stuff so quickly like no other dog I’ve ever seen.

Arden Moore:  I think having a gal pal like that…you’re one lucky dog.  You know that?
Michael Piper-Younie:  I….I…I think so, too, you know.  It’s just that the bond we have now is so incredibly strong and I just look at her and, I mean, she puts a smile on my face.

Arden Moore:  Now, in the show was there a dog that Ezzie particularly really enjoyed?  I know she was trying to steal the skateboard away from…
Michael Piper-Younie:  The skateboard?

Arden Moore:  I thought that was hilarious. 

Michael Piper-Younie: You know, it’s funny she really did enjoy Tillman.  Tillman is a character of a dog and the skateboarding and stuff is incredible.  But, we were rehearsing for our…for our talent show, and, you know, all of a sudden this sound came out of her that I’d never heard.  It was like a growl on crack. (Michael imitates sound)  And, she was in my arms and she was spazzing out.  And I was like what is she doing?  And, she got out of my arms and she went barreling after Tillman, grabbed the skateboard from underneath him and just started twirling it around and trying to eat it, and confused on what it was.  But, needless to say I bought her her own skateboard since then.

Arden Moore:  You did?!  Oh wow!  How does she like it?

Michael Piper-Younie:  Well, you now, there’s obviously a love there for it.  So, I gotta figure out something.  They both love to compete with each other…play tug-of-war.  And, she got along with every dog.  But there were certain dogs like Presley, the boxer, and definitely Laura and Preston who’s the kick-ass little Pomeranian…unlike no Pomeranian I’ve ever seen before.  He’s just a really cool dog.  And, Ezzie got along with them really, really well. 

Arden Moore:  Well, Presley was kind of the youngest of the pups, but he’s got a lot of unbridled energy it seems like.

Michael Piper-Younie:  Oh totally, totally.  But, he’s a beautiful dog and I…I’m a huge boxer fan.

Arden Moore:  Well, that’s good.  I know if you get Ezzie to be a skateboarder I know Tony Hawk and you’re in that area.   Boy, wouldn’t that be funny if Tony and Ezzie got together?  You could have your own show.

Michael Piper-Younie:  That would be incredible!  I would…I would…you know, those days are upon us, hopefully. 

Arden Moore:  Well, we want to let people know that you have many talents and you are an aspiring comic.  So, if any of our listeners…and we’ve got listeners as far away as Singapore…

Michael Piper-Younie:  I’d love that.

Arden Moore:  …are tuning in right now we need to promote you, Michael.

Michael Piper-Younie:  Great!

Arden Moore:  We need to let to let the world know that the…

Michael Piper-Younie:  Check out and, you know, you could kind of get a little bit of background story on us and, you know, it’s a work in progress.  But, I’m excited to get people…have people get to know us and me and what I do.  And then see what Ezzie’s gonna be capable of.  I’d love get her doing some agility competitions.

Arden Moore:  Give us that web site again.

Michael Piper-Younie:  It’s

Arden Moore:  Excellent.  Anybody you are particularly rooting for?  I know you probably know how things fared, but we’re not asking you that.  We’re just asking are you sort of rooting for Travis and Presley?

Michael Piper-Younie:  You know, it’s funny…I…I…in my heart when we left, you know, I decided I was going to take it to the good place and be proactive and have fun with the whole situation.  And, I really, but still in my heart, wanted the underdog go the end.  I wanted to see a useful dog and a dog that people can anticipate things…greatness from.  You know, but border collies and all those things…I love them to death…but they are bred to do certain things.  So, in my heart I would love to see the underdog take it all the way.

Arden Moore:  Oh, that would be great.  Now are you gonna get to come back at the end of the show’s wrap-up, right?

Michael Piper-Younie:  Well, let’s hope.  I can’t say much, but, you know, I’d love to say that we’re not done with Michael and Ezzie yet.

Arden Moore:  So when you came home…how are you…was there anything fun that happened when you…when everyone saw you on the show last week?

Michael Piper-Younie:  Oh yeah, you know, like I had a party with some friends and family and just the response and support.  You know you really….people come out of the woodwork and the love and support they show you is amazing.  And my family and friends have been incredible throughout this and the passing along the word and then some.  So, we’re spanning America…all the way to Singapore and beyond! 

Arden Moore:  That’s right!  You got it, man, you were listening!  I appreciate that.

Michael Piper-Younie:  Oh no, I’m listening to everything you say, baby. 

Arden Moore:  All right, baby, right back at ya.  Is there anything else you’d like to add?  I mean, there are a lot of different reality shows, but this one I think really hit the mark, you know. 

Michael Piper-Younie:  Yeah, you know, those are naysayers and the people who just think it’s beyond ridiculous, but the idea of the show, you know, is the heart that people have for their dogs.  And, I’m hoping that that’s what will come across in the end.  Some people take things very seriously and can be a little aggressive.  Then there’s those who take it seriously but in a really good way.  And, you know, all I want people to know is that my dog is incredible.  She…I might have a big personality…but so does she.

Arden Moore:  Absolutely.

Michael Piper-Younie:  Yeah…so you know what, we’re two of a kind. 

Arden Moore:  That’s right.  Well, big paws up to you and Ezzie and I’m very delighted that you came on our show.  And, I think you’re gonna be amazing, and just keep us posted on what’s happening with you because it we can help out…let people know where…maybe you and Ezzie will have a comedy team act.  You never know. 

Michael Piper-Younie:  Perfect!  And, you know, we’re down in San Diego so maybe we’ll come swing by sometime. 

Arden Moore:  Alright.  Thank you very much, Michael.  I appreciate you being on our show. 

Michael Piper-Younie:  Thank you very much for having us.  I appreciate it.

Arden Moore:  Once again, we’re so glad that Michael and Ezzie could be our special guests on our show today.  We’re going to learn a little bit more about the Greatest American Dog show right after this commercial break.
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Arden Moore:  Welcome back to the “Oh Behave !!” show on Pet Life Radio!  I’m your host Arden Moore.  You know, this was pretty cool to have the first contestant from the Greatest American Dog show land in our studio and be a guest.  Ezzie is a chocolate covered Boston terrier…very, very cutie.  And so…and so I was very glad that they could both join us. 

A little background on this show, folks.  There is a connection between Greatest American Dog and Pet Life Radio and “Oh Behave !!” and me!  My dog, Chipper…golden retriever/husky…and I…we actually auditioned for the show.  We didn’t make the cut, but that’s okay.  She’s still a star in my eyes.  We also were one of the first radio shows to have the producers on several months back when they were trying to get people from all over America to audition for this show.  So, we feel like we have a nice connection with this CBS show.  You gotta tune in.  It’s every Thursday night, 8 p.m. on CBS, and the good news is then you can come onto and go to the “Oh Behave !!” show and catch some of the behind the scenes info about this show from the contestant each week who gets booted off.  And, it’s okay if you get booted off because there were literally thousands of people who auditioned for this.  That’s my little dog, Cleo, goes, “Yeah!  What about me?”  The one thing that’s kind of interesting is let me give you a run down.  The show’s format is very similar to many other reality shows.  There’s a host and there’s a panel of three judges and then there’s a cast of characters.  And, what makes this different is because all these twelve people are also living with their dogs in this big mansion in some secret spot in California.  I’m thinking Hollywood, if you will.  But, some of the people you can go onto the  It’s kind of a long website, but we’re hoping that on our radio show we’ll usher you right to the show.  Let me give you a rundown of some of the people that are competing and the winner at the end gets not only a huge big dog bone…they get $250,000!  Right!  You want that, Cleo? 

So, one of the contestants that I really find is pretty adorable is a big old boxer named Presley.  Presley is the youngest contestant on the show.  Presley is a full ball of energy.  He’s only about 18 months old, and his people, if you will, is a guy named Travis who is a bartender from Oklahoma.  And, Travis and Presley make a good team.  You can tell that Presley is learning every single day. 

There’s another team…just an amazing dog…Tillman.  Tillman is this huge, big bulldog who has a special talent.  Tillman knows how to ride a skateboard…loves to ride a skateboard.  He’s teamed up with a guy named Ron who’s a construction manager.  Now, as much as Tillman is great on a skateboard, I have to tell you that when were watching it my dog, Chipper, a big ole sixty pound golden retriever/husky mix, she has a phobia…she’s scared of skateboards.  So as soon as she saw Tillman go flying across the TV screen Chipper did a dash out the door and into the other room.  I felt bad for her, but she has some kind of phobia.  I don’t know what it is.  So, we probably wouldn’t have done very well had we landed on the show and here’s this bulldog on a skateboard. 

There’s an interesting couple, Laura and Preston.  Laura is a film producer, but she has an adorable dog named Preston.  And, it looks like one of those little dogs that you like to dress up and all this.  But, don’t be fooled.  This little Pomeranian has a lot of talent, and in his bio apparently can understand more than 100 words and phrases in both English and Spanish.  His favorite toy is something called a Mr. Monkey Man, and his favorite food…it isn’t just regular chicken or beef…oh no no no no.  It has to be lotus chicken kibble.  And, one of his best tricks is he can strike a pose and sneeze on cue.  So, I think that’s pretty cool.  I’m not going to go through all twelve of them, but I’m gonna cherry pick a few others.

There’s another couple.  His name is David and his dog is named Elvis.  So, we have an Elvis and a Presley on this show, which I’m sure the King of rock and roll is up in heaven with his, you know, jelly donuts enjoying the fact that dogs everywhere are named after him.  David is one of the older contestants, he’s 54.  He’s a doctor from New York City.  And, his little dog, Elvis, is, well, they used to call them Jack Russell’s.  Now it’s called for some strange reason Parson Russell terrier.  But, we all know them as Jack Russell’s like the dog that was on Frasier.  And, Elvis is about two years old.  His favorite ball…toy is a tennis ball which makes sense because that breed loves to be a little obsessive-compulsive.  And, his favorite food is a rib-eye steak bone.  He has mastered the tricks of giving kisses, high-fives, he can roll over.  He’s…he’s sort of got a lot of mischief about him, and he’s very, very intelligent.  Some of his favorite things to do with his guy, David, are to take long walks in Central Park; and then kind of be a couch potato with David on the weekend.  If it means anything, Elvis won first place at the Saint Michael’s Maryland terrier races.  I’m just gun…I’m just sort of rooting for David and Elvis because, you know, they just make a good team. 

There is also two schnauzers in competition.  A mini-schnauzer named Beacon, and a giant on named Kenji.  I’m telling you, this dog could probably touch the roof with his front paws.  His owner is named Elan.  And, the deal on them is she is an aspiring dog salon owner; and Kenji goes by the nickname, appropriately, Big Mama.  And, she’s very friendly, and is described as a “city girl”.  She can give a high five and roll over.  She weighs a whopping 71 pounds.  And, her favorite foods are chicken and rice and, you know, and I think she looks very amazing.  The other mini-schnauzer, which is Beacon, is teamed up with Brandy, a fashion designer.  And, this little Beacon looks a lot like my dog’s favorite pal across the street, Buddy.  We call him Buddy Barky, he’s a mini-schnauzer.  This one weighs twenty pounds.  Favorite toy is a stuffed animal that looks like her.  Hmm…that’s interesting.  And, favorite food for Beacon are bananas and yogurt mixed into her kibble.  She knows a lot of tricks.  She’s very competitive and she’s described as a little bit of a tomboy who likes to play rough.  So, we’ll see how the two of them do on the show. 

As far as the judges, this is interesting…small world.  One of the judges is a friend of mine by the name of Allan Reznik for all of you out there.  He is the editor of Dog Fancy and  Dog World.  And, he’s sort of sandwiched in between a couple of beautiful lady judges by the name of Victoria Stilwell and Wendy Diamond.  Victoria Stilwell, you know every reality show has to have a British person on, and she fills that role.  She does a show each week called It’s Me or the Dog, and it’s a very good show.  She’s a very talented dog trainer.  The other gal, Wendy Diamond, is a dog magazine editor and she actually has her dog, Lucky, on…a Maltese…sort of as a back-up judge.  I’m not quite sure.  Lucky gives those looks like, you know, when you go to The Apprentice and you see Donald Trump getting that look of startle when somebody says something silly.  Well, Lucky seems to have that down pat. 

So, it’s a good team of judges.  They’re all competing for $250,000.  The Greatest American Dog show airs every Thursday at 8 p.m.  And, the good news is that each week just scoot over here to “Oh Behave !!” on Pet Life Radio and you’re gonna learn a little bit more about what life is like living in a huge home under the scope of cameras, being aired and watched by millions of people, and trying to share this home with eleven strangers and twelve dogs. 

So, I hope you enjoy this experience, and I’m glad that you tuned in today.  You’re listening to “Oh Behave !!” on Pet Life Radio.  Please send us any ideas for shows that you have.  We’ve been really lucky since going on the air last fall.  We’ve had everyone from Lassie’s vet to Morris the Cat’s trainer to even doing a show inside a women’s prison.  So, we’re up for anything.  So, you just tell us what kind of show you’d like to have.  And, if you have any other comments or so just email me at   On you can also click the icon to take a listener survey.  It’s very fast and easy and we appreciate that. 

Hey, listeners!  I have some great news!  Somehow, someway my publishers are foolishly sending me out coast to coast on my second national book tour.  This time, it’s timed for the release of two books: Happy Cat, Happy You and Happy Dog, Happy You.  Yes, I want to get happy.  I want you to get happy.  I want your dogs to get happy.  I want your cats to get happy.  We are going in three stages.  We’re going all over the country.  The books are designed to be time/money saving ways to better connect with that favorite pet of yours.  And, everywhere we go we’re going to be giving out prizes; and we’re doing book-signings.  So, I want you to know that I’m going to rundown where I’ll be and when, and then we’re going to post this on the “Oh Behave !!” website as well as my own website which is  I’ll be doing a blog.  Got this cool thing called a flip video, so I’m going to be doing video blogs as well.  But, we’re trying to get the word out that even in this tight economy we are very, very fortunate to have good dogs and cats in our lives.  And, how they can make us feel better and be better; and, how we can do the same for them. 

So, here you go…the very first stop on my tour which, I guess, is called “Arden’s Happy Tour” is at a place called the Total Dog Spa in Oceanside, California.  It will be on Sunday August, 10 at 1 p.m.  If you need a contact number (760)643-1454 for details.  Moving up the California coast on August 12th at 7 p.m. I’m at this cool place called The Muttropolis in New Port Beach.  Learn more at (949)717-6888.  The third stop in my book tour will be at Borders in beautiful Santa Barbara on August 13th at 7 p.m.  Contact for more information (805)899-3668.  The next day, August 14th, 6:30 p.m. if you live in Morgan Hill/San Jose area of California hope you swing by Booksmart where I’ll give a talk at 6:30 p.m. (408)778-6467.  On Saturday August 16th, 11 a.m. you can catch my tour at Books, Inc. at Burlingame, and that number is (650)685-4911.  Completing the west end of the book tour will be August 17th, noon, at Theresa’s Country Feed and Pet Store in Simi Valley.  Information can be gleaned by calling them at (805)583-3599.  I get to take a break, go back home and see my critters.

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Again, I get to take a few days off to enjoy Labor Day with my critters.  Hit the road again for my third and final leg of my book tour.  It is in the Midwest.  We’ll kick that off on Saturday September 6th at 1 p.m. at the Metropolis in La Jolla, California (858)459-9663.  Yes, I know my geography, but this is the start of the Midwest tour.  On Monday September 8th at 7 p.m., I go to Tempe, Arizona to a place called the Changing Hands Bookstore, (480)730-0205 to get more details.  On Tuesday September 9th I’m…I appear at my third Metropolis store…this one in Boulder, Colorado, (303)545-6888.  On Thursday September 11th at 6 p.m. come join me if you live in the Minneapolis area.  I will be at the Wild Rumpus bookstore.  For more information call (612)920-5005.  And the Saturday September 13th at high noon I will be at the IKEA Store in Frisco, Texas, because they have a pet adoption day and I’m going to working with a group of folks from Operation Kindness.  Number there (972)418-7297.  There may be a few other days still penciled in, but I hope if you are listening and you live anywhere near one of these areas that you will come and join us.  We’re going to be signing books, we’re giving away prizes, we’re gonna get everybody happy with their pets.  You can also learn more.  I’ll have blogs, daily blogs, video and written on my website  Tune in to my show and drop in to catch me in action. 

So, until next time this is your flea-free host, Arden Moore, delivering just two words for all of you two-, three- and four-leggers out there…oh, behave!!


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