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Meet Beacon the Fashion Doggy Diva!

Brandy Yant .....Weston Strawn........

..Brandy Yant & Beacon ..................Weston Strawn

Tune in as we chat with Brandy Yant, a fashion designer from Orange County, California, and her bark-on-cue white miniature Schnauzer named Beacon. They were the latest contestants to be “expelled” from the Canine Academy on the hit CBS-TV show, “Greatest American Dog” that airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. Beacon is a young dog who sports a wide array of outfits. As a result of being on the show, Brandy and Beacon have launched a new pet fashion website, – check it out. In the show’s second half, we are happy to spotlight our first teen-ager – 13-year-old Weston Strawn from Oceanside, Calif. He gives the teen perspective on this CBS show and pets. Don’t miss a single minute!

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