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Live in the Moment With Baxter, The World’s Best – and Oldest – Therapy Dog!

Melissa Joseph & Baxter.....

..Melissa Joseph & Baxter ........................

Meet Baxter, aka Dr. Love. This 19-year-old Golden retriever/Chow mix provides comfort and love to hundreds of hospice care people savor life before cancer and other diseases overpower them. Baxter’s proud parent, Melissa Joseph, shares special moments with Baxter, including one with a 75-year-old woman whose dying wish was to see the latest Harry Potter movie – with Baxter, of course! Baxter’s enduring love is spotlighted in the book, Moments With Baxter: Comfort and Love from the World's Best Therapy Dog . Proceeds are donated to a hospice care center and animal rescue groups. This is one show about a cuddly, charming and caring dog you don’t want to miss!

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