Meet the 2015 Hero Dogs: Part 1

Robin Ganzert on Pet Life Radio

This week we begin the first in a four-part series interviewing all eight 2015 American Humane Association Hero Dog Awards finalists. Up first is Landa Coldiron, who explains the unique attributes that make her bloodhound Glory the top Search and Rescue Dog of the Year. Later, Rudi Taylor drops by to explain why her little Chihuahua Harley won the Emerging Hero Dog category for his big achievements advocating against puppy mills..


Landa Coldiron and Glory

Glory is an eight-year-old Bloodhound who has been trained and certified to track lost pets with her human partner Landa Coldiron. During her long and successful career, she has helped bring closure to hundreds of families. Glory works in extreme temperatures and under difficult conditions and is devoted to her work, as several relieved pet owners can attest. (Charity Partner: National Search Dog Alliance)

Rudi Taylor and Harley

Harley spent 10 years living in a small cage in a puppy mill before he was rescued and found a loving home with Rudi Taylor. His journey of physical and emotional healing inspired a campaign called “Harley to the Rescue,” which has raised the funds to save (and provide medical care for) more than 500 dogs from puppy mills over the past two years. As a spokes-dog against puppy mills, Harley has educated thousands of people, of all ages, about the horrors of the commercial dog breeding industry. Harley’s grizzled appearance is a testament to the care and nurturing that he had never received. (Charity Partner: New Leash on Life)