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The American Wirehair

You would think that between the Devon Rex, Cornish Rex and Selkirk Rex that cat lovers would have enough hair coat mutations to last them a lifetime…but, here come three more breeds that rely on their unique looks to capture fans!

The American Wirehair is one of only four cat breeds created here in the US.   Featuring a hard, springy and, yes, wiry coat is their hallmark.   Likewise, the LaPerm shows off their wavy coat, reminiscent of the Rex cats.  Finally, we round out our tour of these follicular oddities by discussing the Sphynx.   These hairless cats are renown the world over for their one of a kind appearance.

And, from the Veterinary News Network, have you thought of rabies lately?   You probably haven’t, but this killer disease strikes down more than 55,000 people in the world every year.   That’s a death every 10 minutes!   Learn how you can help eradicate this ancient killer and support the upcoming World Rabies Day!

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