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Scottish Folds and American Curls… "Ears" to You!

Straight from the folklore of the 17th and 18th centuries, the Scottish Fold breed has captivated cat lovers since the discovery of a “flop-eared” cat in 1961 by a Scottish Farmer.  Scottish Folds have a quaint appearance that many people describe as “owl-like” or even reminiscent of a teddy bear.

The American Curl is a brand new breed of US origin.   Unlike the Scottish Fold whose ears fold down, the American Curl has ears that bend backwards.   Kittens of both breeds are born with straight ears, with the fold or curl appearing within the first few weeks after birth.

And, from the desks of the Veterinary News Network…is your cat one of the 60 million cats in this country that are overweight or obese?   Learn how you can help your cat slim down and quite possibly add another 2 years to his or her life.


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