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Tom Dock
Cat Reporter
Veterinary News Network

These Cats Have The “Blues”


Amazingly, these next three breeds have much in common but come from vastly different environments.   The Russian Blue, the Korat, and the Chartreux are three very unique and almost unknown breeds that bear a striking resemblance to each other.  These naturally occurring breeds have had little interference from breeders desiring to change their looks or qualities and look almost identical to drawings of the breed from 500 years ago.  Few outcrosses are found in any of these breeds.   Come learn how these rare cats are winning the hearts of cat lovers!

And, from the Veterinary News Network, learn how to keep your feline friends out of trouble during the holiday season.   The winter holidays are fun and festive, but all it takes is a forgotten turkey bone or stray piece of tinsel to turn the merriment into a trip to the animal ER!!

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