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Tom Dock
Cat Reporter
Veterinary News Network

Burmese, Bombays and Tonkinese


The development of a purebred breed of cat can be a spontaneous affair, like the discovery of long-haired kittens from a short-haired mother, or it can be a dedication to developing a particular look and type of cat. 

The Burmese, Bombay and Tonkinese breeds are all closely related and their proponents have spent years of diligent breeding to perfect the ideal specimen.  Imagine the surprise of some breeders when they found out that the “mother of all Burmese cats” was really a Tonkinese!!

All three of these breeds exhibit a fondness for the family, a quiet voice, and well developed sense of tolerance of other animals.  From their quiet beginnings in Southeast Asia to the breeders who champion these cats, come learn how these breeds have won the hearts of cat lovers!

Finally, from the Veterinary News Network, some tips for insuring that your cat will be taken care of in the event of your death.


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