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Tom Dock
Cat Reporter
Veterinary News Network

Balinese and Other Siamese Descendants


Have you ever imagined a Siamese cat with red points instead of the deep browns and blues?   How would those gorgeous blue eyes look framed by tabby markings instead of chocolate points?  Well, you don’t have to imagine it…you can see it when you get a glimpse of the Siamese descendant breeds of Oriental cats, Colorpoint Shorthairs, Balinese and Javanese.   All of these breeds were strongly influenced by the Siamese.   In fact, some breeders claim that if you couldn’t see the cat, you wouldn’t know it wasn’t a Siamese!!

Have you ever wondered how veterinarians perform blood transfusions on pets?   Are there blood banks for animals?   Does your cat need a kitty blood drive?  Direct from the offices of the Veterinary News Network we bring you all the information you need about Animal Blood Banks and feline blood types!


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