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Tom Dock
Cat Reporter
Veterinary News Network

Ocicats and Singapuras


From chance breedings to controversial pedigrees, our next two cat breeds are recent additions to the feline purebred world.   As one of the few spotted cat breeds in existence, the Ocicat took the show world by storm with it’s “wild” looks but playful temperament.   Hard to believe this attractive breed was developed from a chance breeding of Abyssinians and Siamese!

The Singapura cat is named for its supposed hometown of Singapore, but some purebred enthusiasts think it should be named the Texan or Houston Cat.  The controversy surrounding this breed of cat has continued to this very day, despite an attempt by the Cat Fancier’s Association to put the debate to rest.  One of the smallest cat breeds, the Singapura also is one of the least genetically diverse.

Finally, join us as we discuss ways to help make sure your cat doesn’t decide to “shun” his litterbox!


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