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British, American, and Exotic Shorthairs

Often overlooked because of their resemblance to “street” cats, the American and British Shorthairs were developed from humble origins as working cats of Europe and North America. Often considered to be the “teddy bear” of cats, these intelligent, affectionate, and low maintenance cats continue to win big in the show ring.

Dependable, tough, and well acclimated to even the cold winters of North America, American Shorthairs are renown for their good temperament and hunting ability. Believe it or not, one of the first American Shorthairs even shown was sold for $2,500 in 1896….that’s close to $62,000 in 2006 dollars!!

Stay tuned as we also talk about how your feline friend could potentially spread some love and affection to those who need it most. Find out how your cat can become a Therapy Animal!

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