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Egyptian Maus and Bengals

Have you ever dreamed of snuggling up to one of the “big cats”? Is having a leopard or tiger draped across your lap a fantasy of yours? Well, we know that you shouldn’t keep these big cats as pets, but our next two breeds might just do the trick.

The Egyptian Mau is an ancient breed of cat and was probably one of the breeds so revered by the ancient Egyptians. A naturally spotted cat, the Mau is a rare breed that almost went extinct except for a quirk of fate. The Bengal cat is one of our newer breeds of cats and this breed actually has a bit of wildcat in his background. Descended from domestic cats breeding with Asian Leopard Cats, Bengals are large, powerful cats but are reported to be extreme lovers.

Finally, spend a little time learning about how you and your cat can “go green”. The Veterinary News Network gives us some tips about buying eco-friendly toys and pet accessories as well as how to help diminish the amount of cat litter in our landfills.

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