Cheryl Kaye

Cheryl Kaye on Pet Life Radio

Thank You for visiting my Show Page.  Please stay to find out all about LIVING UNLEASHED!!!!

I am a displaced NEW YORKER who is now doing the FLORIDIAN Lifestyle.  After 12 years I still miss SNOW, AUTUMN & LONG ISLAND SUMMERS.  I arrived here with my 2 cats. .RICKY  & SHY_ANNE.  Traveling with 2 cats was jarring. They hated my music or my driving.  They never used their litter except for overnight stops.  How's  that for Patience & Control?

I had traveled during Katrina so I took it slow & steady and stayed with friends along the way.  Motel stops after South of the Border were tricky since you have to anticipate getting them back in the carrier... oh the Humanity..  I am so excited to have this opportunity to have my very 1st Show.

As a NEW YORKER (always will be) I have OPINIONS & love to TALK.  I wish to keep you interested with pet shenanigans , folklore, &  facts .  I am a Wikipedia Junkie & avid reader. I adore the Animal Kingdom.  I have had 2 dogs that shaped my love & understanding of Loving & being loved & trusted by animals.  Bruce a tri colored Collie (13yr.) & Brandy. (15yr.) a Standard Poodle. The greatest touch is one of kindness & devotion.

I have had many cats along the way. The 2 I have now.. Shy-Anne & Daniel Chai Boone (shelter pet). Daniel is a Maine Coon. Just like having a DOG that purrs. So sit back and lets get to know each other & share our love for our PETS.

Looking forward to being UNLEASHED.

Cheryl Kaye on Pet Life Radio