Christine Laethem

Christine Laethem  on Pet Life Radio

It all started with Sugar.  Sugar was a six month old bichon in a glass cage at a pet store Christine visited.  Sugar was marked as "discounted" due to her age.  Christine and her husband, Chris, had wanted a bichon and felt sorry for the six month old puppy that wasn't getting any attention due to the other, smaller puppies.  She was a real sweetheart, who they couldn't resist!  From the start, Sugar was very loving and playful - a real joy to their lives.  Sugar provided so much love that soon Christine was seeking bichon rescues to volunteer with.  That's when she found out about Small Paws Rescue ( and met Vicki, her co-host.  Through Small Paws, Christine learned about puppy mills.  A puppy mill is a mass breeding facility that typically does not provide adequate food, exercise, veterinary care, temperature control and has little human contact.  She learned that by buying Sugar at the pet store, she was supporting puppy mills.  After Christine's first foster dog got adopted, she couldn't bear to be without another companion for Sugar.  Christine decided that instead of buying another dog, she wanted to adopt a rescue.  Princess was rescued from a puppy mill where she was used for breeding.  Princess is quite the mommy's girl.  She's very loyal and sweet and gives the best kisses!  Sugar & Princess are very bonded and love to play together.

Christine has since become more involved with rescues.  She volunteers for special events for the Michigan Humane Society.  She's the Assistant Team Leader for Small Paws Rescue.  She currently fosters Emme, a senior bichon through SPR and Louie, a senior bichon through Caring Hearts Rescue.  In 2008 Christine started the Metro Detroit Bichon Frise Meetup group and it has grown rapidly ever since.  She enjoys sharing her knowledge of canine care with the group members.  Presently they hold a themed meetup (pooch party) about once a month. 

Christine works outside of the pet industry, but has big dreams of one day running her own pet related business.  She enjoys talking about her pooches, whom she calls her kids.  She pampers them and spoils them rotten, but really they're great dogs!  Christine enjoys learning about a more natural canine health care and sharing that knowledge with other pet parents.  She enjoys finding the coolest new pet products and has a closet full of clothes for her fluffs.  If there is a pet related event anywhere near where she lives, she'll be there!