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Blessings and Bicycles

Reverend David L. James...........David Sylvester

Reverend David James...............David Sylvester

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The first weekend of October is generally filled with “Blessing of the Animals” ceremonies in honor of St. Francis Day, a saint who is thought to have had a particular affinity for animals in Europe many centuries ago. New Yorkers come out in droves to their local houses of worship, Christian and otherwise, with their pets to these simple, touching ceremonies to bless their pets for good health and long life for the coming year. This week we’ll talk with two experts in the field of blessing and honoring our pets in this life and the next. Edward Martin, caretaker of Hartsdale Pet Cemetery in Hartsdale, New York, talks to us about how one New York dog about 100 years ago started this beautiful, peaceful resting place for many of the city’s animals, and his thoughts on the types of people who lay their pets to rest here. Then, we’ll talk with the cemetery’s Chaplain, Reverend David James, and ask him the perennial, controversial question: do pets go to heaven, or is the ‘Rainbow Bridge’ just a myth we tell ourselves?

Finally, we’ll talk to a human/dog duo who are very much alive, well, and rolling along the United States in their bicycle built for two: David Sylvester and his girl, “Chiva”, to learn about and raise awareness about shelter dogs throughout the United States.

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Hartsdale Pet Cemetery

Reverend David L. James

David Sylvester and ‘Chiva’


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