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Diane West
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One Trick To Rule Them All - and-
Small Dogs, Big Bite (In the Big City)

Rick Caran & Jilli Dog..........

.....Rick Caran & Jilli Dog......................


One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, and perhaps this is illustrated in no better way than in the love story between Rick Caran and his wonder Yorkie, “Jilli Dog.” Little did Rick know that the wet, dirty and scared little dog abandoned not far from his Long Island, New York home would lead him on the adventure of a lifetime, taking him around the world for her poker-playing abilities and general above-average intelligence. But how did Rick, who never trained dogs professionally, teach Jilli to do such amazing things? Rick confesses to Pets In the City that there’s just one thing any pet lover can see in their pet, and once they see it, the sky’s the limit. Next—if you think setting up a dog park in the big city is easy, listen in as we talk to Laurie Light, one of the founders of the NYC East Side Small Dog Group in Manhattan. Her candid, cautionary tale is as funny as it is inspiring. You’ll never look at a little dog (or the person walking him or her) the same again!  And, of course, we’ll give you the “Pets In the City” highlight of pet events in and around New York – lets just say Santa ‘Claws’ is coming to town!

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