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Diane West
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The Scoop On Poop— Everything You Ever Wanted to Know (and Maybe More) About New York’s Smelliest Subject

Michael Brandow..........

..Michael Brandow ......................


We really step in it on this week’s episode of Pets In the City. Chances are you have, too. We’re talking about dog poop, of course. That’s right—a whole show devoted to the poop, the power, and the passion behind New York’s thirty year-old ‘pooper scooper’ law. Don’t laugh, it’s a subject that continues to have dog lovers, non-dog-lovers, political leaders, animal rights activists, and pretty much everyone in-between asking the same question: should you really own a dog in New York City?

Author Michael Brandow dug into this debate in his new book: New York’s Poop Scoop Law: Dogs, the Dirt, and Due Process: (New Directions In the Human-Animal Bond) by Purdue University Press. What he uncovered was an unusual and intriguing commentary on life in New York City from the 1970s to present day, and how we all learned to get along—or at least not kill each other--over this still-hot topic.

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